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  1. Go ahead criticize me because you signed up for this forum before i did lol. Not a Bills fan in the slightest been a Jets fan my whole life. Its is what it is some people just want to be told everything is OK despite what the eyes can see.
  2. Trevor Lawrence has an equally sh*tty roster around him, probably a worse O-Line. New coaches and all that, he still looks like a legit NFL starting QB. Not sure I said anything about Mac Jones except hes the only other rookie QB who looks decent. Mac ceiling is much lower than Lawrence hes not a franchise QB level talent either. Not sure im handing out passes to anyone Lawrence just looks better thats the truth. Im not giving up on Zach Wilson yet but he’s looking like a project QB which is a far cry from what was expected. He doesn’t have the size or physical tools to lean back on so what is
  3. People who know the game and actually watch know that our O-Line is not as bad as its being made out to be. Its pretty much one guy getting his ass beat through 3 games. Zach Wilson has absolutely not done enough to help the O-Line out, but nobody wants to hear it from GVR trash ass lol. Good QBs help out their O-Line too it goes both ways. Get Van Roten out immediately so the excuses can stop and the real issues can start to be identified and worked on.
  4. So did Michael Pittman but everyone and their mother knew in Indy he was going to be a starter this year. Not hard to see Mims has talent despite injuries limiting his rookie year.
  5. Trevor looks like the best rookie QB this year. Box scores might not show it but the film says it all.
  6. Saleh and Ulbrich have the defense working no need for Rex talk. I wish we could of landed Joe Brady as the OC.
  7. I didn’t know the rules the website allowed me to do it with only a basic membership. What you need to see first a resume? I love the Jets watch all the games.
  8. You agree? If not you think he has Josh Allen or Matt Stafford level arm strength? Because thats elite level in the NFL. Bills play in the division where have you been. His whole thing coming out was “look I can throw it sideways like Mahomes too”. sh*t is laughable right now.
  9. Plug Becton in at RG and we are set for two years at least. Its simple solutions like this that the Jets are incapable of doing. Bet you McGovern would look real nice next to AVT and Becton. Mike Onwenu was better than Becton at tackle and hes willing to play LG this year. Something has to be done at RG, Van Roten holding back a pretty solid O Line. Pressure is mostly coming from inside Fant and Moses are solid vet tackles. Becton played RG at Louisville. Can’t be 3 new starters every year, O-Line needs to have continuity. Hell lets see what Edoga can do at RG in the meantime, cant be any wors
  10. Why is that in capital letters? Mims has already helped with a 40 yard catch in week 1. Crowder will help too.
  11. Just not a Herbert or Burrow level rookie I’m aware. If his ceiling is the same as Darnold’s than it really was just a lateral move by the Jets like people were saying. Darnold was just as good as Wilson as a rookie so far, unimpressive rookies. Only cats that look legit are Trevor and Mac. Fields was my preference, he looked horrible lol but at least his running ability will translate. I watched that Texans/Panthers game, Davis Mills looked just as good as Zach has so far tbh. sh*t sucks.
  12. Those were two inaccurate short yard throws lol. As far as the last one I already know he needs big receivers. He doesn’t have elite NFL arm strength period, not even the Jets thought that.
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