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  1. Gase probably deserved coach of the year honors for that 2019 season he had with the pile of sh*t roster we gave him…. People are going to ignore that though…. That’s arguably top 3 jets coach performances in a single season. Parcells after 1-15 1, gase 2019 2, Rex rookie coach year to afcc 3 lmao
  2. I saw that too but to turn this around it’s gonna need more than one season. 49ers first season with shanahan was just as bad as this also so maybe he’s not broken
  3. Mike white needs to relieve my son for the rest of the season he’s not ready yet
  4. The defense plays with fire up their ass when the offense shows up and give them a chance !!!!
  5. When the D is playing hyped they take the defense to a whole other level…. They’re feeding off the offense KEEP IT GOING
  6. He drafts more linemen and some big Fa oline signings he can flip the offense around in a year …. If he fails again fire him…
  7. If he’s not active this week that is the answer to everything that’s going on
  8. I’m the biggest gase hater but let’s give this guy credit that 2019 season he pulled out of his ass was better than that 2015 season considering every single circumstance about that team…. Arguable coach of the year finalist for that turn around and then fcked off the next year lmao
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