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  1. If we sign zeke and we just resigned Ty Johnson is Michael Carter the odd man out ? Or we keep 5 rb/fb?
  2. I think Rodgers is just waiting for another team to offer before jumping to our team ….. but that alone gives me a bad taste in my mouth I want a guy who wants to play here and wants to win … reason I liked the idea of Carr equally as having Aaron Rodgers
  3. All I learned from this is that we need that Wypler kid. We know what happened last time we called Ohio State for a center ….
  4. Idk how to feel if he was that trash with Russell Wilson and all those receivers they have
  5. 2nd this year and 1st and 3rd next for Rodgers GET IT TF DONE
  6. Job looks easy as a coach if your qb Trevor Lawrence…. Look at belicheck and the pats now…
  7. Bring back Sanchez or Pennington if we’re doing that lmao
  8. I’ll say considering it wasn’t all his fault I would demote him to pass or run game coordinator to the new OC instead of a full out firing. Just aid the new OC with new offense
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