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  1. JJ put in work on college tape. He’s only going to get better with coaching and working on pro technique
  2. JFM has to start over Rankins at DT and I’ll move Hall/Reed to FS…. Cannot have Davis starting and Riley shouldn’t even be near the turf he’s ****in ass gave up that winning touchdown vs Tampa last year
  3. I hate the bills more than the pats and that’s saying something….. their fans talk the most sh*t because of this little time period that they are okay ….. and not one ring in there existence unlike us….. and josh allen is gonna implode like cam newton in no time I already see it
  4. I agree but I also like the idea of having Hall/Reed moving to FS
  5. Honey badger, Kwon and Fisher backup OT would be fireeeee
  6. Our pick today I want either Brandon Smith or Sauce’s teammate Darrian Beavers and I’ll be happy. I rather not draft a safety and throw a bag at Honey Badger in FA
  7. I wouldn’t sh*t talk Jamal Adams. if there ever was a chance for a reunion I would love that for CHEAP
  8. I can definitely see that happening if the player they really want at 4 is picked 1-3 especially since they did us a solid and denied our trade for Ridley before the news came out on the gambling.
  9. No questions at all he’s the best dlineman Athletically in the entire draft you can see that CLEARLY in the tape….. he just cannot do sh*t on the the edge in terms of moves like a real pass rusher…..Got clamped by Charles Cross easy….. but moves are things you can work on and learn…. At 4 it’s too high of a gamble I would pass
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