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  1. Okayyyyy..... If you say so i guess...... delusional.
  2. I like players who let their play on the field do the talking. I would have rooted for him if he was our pick but something about this dude makes me question his long term commitment. Im happy with JJ.
  3. I know its early but I wanted to get my wish list out there. Round 2 Cine, or Daxton Hill if he is available. Round 3 Chad Muma, Christian Harris or Perrion Winfrey Round 4a Jelani woods, Jeremy Ruckert or best OT available Round 4b Best RB or DB available Who do you guys like?
  4. Love this bro! Yes stats NEVER tell the whole story. Thats why the analytics only go so far. Joe single handedly changed the game and for that reason he is a Hall Of Fame QB!
  5. Here is a pic from yesterday. Thanks for the tip on how to load it. I am technologically challenged......lol
  6. Last night I met the legend himself and I wanted to share this story with my Jets brethren. Today is my birthday and my wife takes me out to dinner last night at this restaurant in Jupiter Florida called the Beacon, which happens to be owned by Joe Namath. During dinner the manager comes over to our table and asks us how the experience was and I mention to her what big Namath fan I am. She says, " that's great, Joe is sitting outside and he loves to meet Jets fans. Why don't you go over and say Hi." I was hesitant but she insists and the next thing you know she walks us out to his table. Joe is sitting with his partner Charlie and another man and as I introduce my self, he and the whole table gets up and starts chatting with us. Joe and his partners couldn't have been any nicer! We talked for about 15 minutes and Charlie walks us up to the front, introduces us to the GM of the restaurant, and tells her to take my name and give me her number and says the next time I come in dinner is on Him and Joe! Namath is the reason that I became a Jets fan in 1974. Honestly, I have met many celebrities in my life, I am not a star chaser so to speak, but this man is so kind and humble he is just an icon and I wish all the younger player would follow his example. Joe and Charlie really went above and beyond and I wanted to share this great experience with you all. PS I tried to load pics, but my freaking computer wont let me download from my phone!
  7. Couldn't agree with you more. There is PLENTY of talent in rounds 2 through 4. I don't want to pick any of these first round grades this year. They just don't measure up to drafts like last years.
  8. I started following the draft in 1981. I remember hoping we would get Lawrence Taylor, but was very happy with Freeman Mcneil. The next year we drafted Bob Crable and I was thrilled because all that defense needed was a MLB to replace Stan Blinka. Those days we couldn't wait for the draft magazines to come out with their predictions on who would be drafted and where. No internet or Social media in those days. The draft was 12 rounds if I'm not mistaken. I also remember those Mid 80's horrible drafts, Ron Faurot, Mike Haight, Dave Cadigan, Mike Vick..... torture!
  9. Love it bro!! Well put. I see things the same way. The great teams NEVER do this deal. I trust JD!
  10. Really well said my friend. Great points. I love the path this team is on.
  11. Thank you for pointing this out so we don't have to hear the ENDLESS whining!! Sometimes the player has a say so in where he goes!
  12. Love this forum! Thank you!!
  13. Right now he plays on a more talented team than Zach does.
  14. Thank you for posting this.
  15. I just listened to the Jeff Ulbrich interview on the official Jets podcast. I have to say it was a really interesting and insightful interview. He explains what this defensive philosophy is and why. He also gets into why they didn't switch the defense around too much, and where he see's things as far as progress. I wasn't completely sold on him as a DC but I am now. I believe we are headed for a really dominant defense in the future. One of the more interesting things was his take on not changing the scheme from week to week. His thought was not only do you become more proficient as a defence by running the same looks, it also gives you a read into how the opposing offence is going to try to attack you. Once the players master the scheme the offense will find it more and more difficult to attack this defence. I highly recommend listening. It really cleared up some of my questions regarding this defence.
  16. That was the goal originally until Lawson and Huff got hurt. The Jets will be adding some edge talent this year and I expect JFM to move back inside.
  17. I'm happy to watch Zach, and ANY one who knows football can see that he has unlimited potential and improved immensely throughout the year. That's what we expected of the rookie and he delivered. I'm sorry your unreasonable hate for this player won't allow you to asses him realistically. Why not take a year off from watching if it disturbs you so much?
  18. Less thinking and just being able to react leads to playing faster. Almost like all gas, no brake......lol
  19. Aside from Cheating, a big portion of New England's success is because they have run basically the same system for 20 years now. Consistency.....
  20. Great points and this is EXACTLY why you give this staff three years to get the systems in place and the right players for each scheme. Dare is say it......we have to have Patience. I believe it will pay off this time. Every time we knee jerk react and fire a staff its a set back, although sometimes I get it like with Gase, he HAD to go. I think we have it right this time.
  21. LOL! .....or maybe just drop the hertz altogether.
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