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  1. I had high hopes for this regime, but I think they are in BIG trouble. If this kid can’t make accurate passes under pressure why was he drafted second overall? Last time I checked professional golfers can transfer their skills on the driving range to the tee box. That’s why they are professional golfers! Wilson may need turn his career around, but it’s going to take a monumental off-season. I don’t think it’s going to get much better in season. If ZW continues to be the worst QB in the NFL after 2022 can the Jets move on? I believe Douglas and Saleh should go with him if that’s the case. Hey Rob-why don’t you call Rich Kotite to see if he can help out on offense? The 80s Jets were fun to watch. You always go back to your fundamentals,’’ Jets head coach Robert Saleh said. “He’s working on it daily, I promise you. And he’s going to get better at it and he’s very deliberate about it. It’s trusting it when bullets are flying. It’s very easy to stand at the driving range and hit 300-yard drives. “It’s: Can you do it when you’re on the tee box and there’s water to your left and sand to your right? And that’s just something that he’s got to work on, that’s something the coaches have to work on and everybody has to work on. When he hits it, it’s going to be pretty cool when it does.’’
  2. Sometimes it’s not accuracy related and has more to do with WR and QB not being on the same page.
  3. I don’t know how you can’t be concerned. Thus far he looks like JP Losman or Kyle Boller.
  4. I remember in 1986 I had sex with 52 different women. Lucky I didn’t get AIDS.
  5. The truth is I am battling Alzheimer’s. I love the Jets. Lets go Jets!
  6. Hearing rumors the Eagles will stay in Filthdpahia. Rumors have it St Louis may move to Phoenix.
  7. Frank Gifford moving from play by play to color. Al Michaels will handle play by play. OJ Simpson will also be involved in the broadcast.
  8. NFL fans like qualitative data that seems quantitative. PFF had made a lot of money off of it. Their “grades” are no different than Mel Kipers post-draft grades. No real substance, but good click bait. The only ones who can effectively grade these players are the coaches as they are the ones who know each players assignment on a particular play.
  9. 16, 24 (4 turnovers), 13, 17 He’s not scoring points and the Pats are 1-3. It’s hard to execute 15 play drives. The more plays you run the more likely something goes wrong. That is Salehs philosophy in a nutshell.
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