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  1. With the NFL game pass, do you know whether I can just pay for one week, then don't use it for a couple of weeks then pay again. Basically pick and choose the games I watch. As i won't be watching 1am uk time kick offs. Or does it mean I pay the weekly fee until end of the season?
  2. It could be a lot worse, we could all support the Patriots!! I know they have won alot but I'd rather our history than be associated to them. I suppose I never lived through it, so easier said than done. Speaking of which, personally I can't stand the Patriots, the only team I can't stand. Who are the Jets main rivals, I think Patriots are up there, anyone else?
  3. Haha nope from the moment Jets was pulled out the hat that's my team, I'm loyal if not stupid. I'm used to supporting not that greatest of teams, I'm a Millwall fan for our Football ( I won't call it what you call it ) I think from next year we will start winning more than we lose, just need the rookies to bed in first.
  4. Thanks all. I'll look into that pass. Moved out to Kent used to be from South East London.
  5. Hi all, first time poster, although I've been a Jets fans for the last 30 years (picked Jets out of a hat when I was about 7 haha) it's only since January this year I've actually followed whats happening. As my name suggests I'm from England, I currently watch the Red zone on sky sports most Sundays, does anyone know how I can watch every Jets game? I haven't got any previous scars from the Jets, unlike what seems like a lot of you. So I'm quite excited about the rebuild and potential.
  6. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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