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  1. Yea, GVR is the human, and the pass rusher is the frog.
  2. It wasn't necessarily hard because he lost the mentor he knew, it was hard because he lacked one
  3. I mean, the bengals went 2-14, then drafted a quarterback that came out of nowhere, who then got hurt and they finished 4-11-1. Hope it's at least a little similar
  4. I think it really depends on the draft pick. Some you can tell right off the bat that they suck. But most of them take a year or 2 to develop and understand the NFL, because believe it or not, College football is almost a different sport in many instances. And Bill Belichick is a scumbag.
  5. That's very generous, as they just crushed the ravens by 24.
  6. Until they get the 1st quarter solved, the jets aren't going to win many games, if not any. The opposing teams take way too much advantage and run away from the game. If not for some ok 2nd halves the jets would look way worse.
  7. The Bengals just destroyed the ravens
  8. I think most moves involving back-up QB have been so far this season
  9. With no injury history - no. He has no way of telling if they are going to get hurt, so it's got to be something about the nfl. If they did have an injury history - it's on him mostly for picking them.
  10. What he should have said is "I shouldn't have been here for 22 years"
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