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  1. Well of course the conspiracy was made to look like a self inflicted suck, silly
  2. Hex

    103 vs. 30

    The Browns have one of the best OLs, and Ravens I think are top 10
  3. I trust Flacco enough to come in and play a few games when the QB1 is not available. Until I watch Zach flop again and remember that he kind of sucked last season, I'm gonna say let Flacco play as a backup for a few games and then hope we don't have to see him again.
  4. There are currently one 3 0-2 teams, and 2 of them were in the playoffs last season
  5. Is that 3 unbelievable comebacks on one sunday?
  6. Me coming back from a bathroom break and seeing the score
  7. This thread aged like fine milk actually, like Flacco's arm that we all thought should have been dead
  8. This Cards game is like the 4th game featuring a major comeback attempt today Jets Browns 85 second 14 point comeback successful Phins Ravens 28 point comeback in 1 quarter successful Falcons Rams 28-3 comeback attempt but for the falcons - failed Now Cards - Raiders down 23-7 comeback attempt -- we'll see
  9. So then Zach Wilson must be super washed.
  10. Let's hope this goes the same way the Fire JD thread went
  11. This statistic is getting sadder and sadder for the Browns
  12. Joe Flacco HOF Jersey next to Mike White?
  13. This feels exactly like last season and the season before
  14. I like this challenge. Even if it was a stupid playcall, if it gets overturned we don't have to punt
  15. This is a winnable game for the Jets. I feel like if the WRs can make up for Flacco's crappiness, we can score enough that the defense can hold the Browns back. Brisset was pretty inaccurate last game and I think the Jets can generate turnovers, which was something they couldn't do last season.
  16. I would much rather watch Streveler than Flacco, even if Streveler ends up sucking really badly.
  17. Joe Flacco is also winless as the Jets QB Let's hope your stat pays off, but I really struggle to see it happen if the OL plays anything like it did against the Ravens.
  18. This is what happens when you have the 2 most injured teams from last year play on turd grass on the first game of the season. We are very lucky those season/career enders didn't belong to us. Wishing the best for those two players
  19. This is a good stat. Now let's see that translate into allowing less points.
  20. And yet, the Jets were lacking in the most important statistical category: points.
  21. Poor Broncos, everybody said they were a QB away from SB contention They're an HC away too
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