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  1. They're not playing really any of their power players where they should. Sauce could be a crap ton more effective if they made a few small changes to where he covers. Plus Q and Moore, as well as the fact that they aren't playing to their strengths with the 2 RBs.
  2. I see what you're saying, but I'm asking why this thread even exists if it's theoretically impossible by the end of this week
  3. I can't wait for a day when sports schedules aren't determined by TV ratings or viewership. TNF is a bunch of crap
  4. This might have already been mentioned, but how the heck can we be in first place next week when the dolphins are 3-1? At best Jets will be 2-2, and even if the Bills lose they probably hold the tiebreaker
  5. It's becoming very hard to have any trust in this coaching staff.
  6. That's probably the game-winner.
  7. Watch the dolphins start Tua in a wheelchair or something next game after citing a 'mild ankle twist'
  8. Ah, so you're back from that 1st place AFC East thread!
  9. The ramifications? MetLife will be more empty than it is. Unfortunately, nothing much more will happen unless Saleh morphs into Urban Meyer overnight
  10. It probably will be no matter the weather with the defensive scheme we currently have
  11. Horse beaten Actually, I wouldn't say you're beating a dead horse. This is a very good point, I guess maybe Saleh is scared of injuries or something like that?
  12. uhh, aren't most free agents let go by their previous teams? Also, the defense is going to magically play better if Zach balls out? Are the coaches suddenly going to call better plays? I agree with you that Zach playing well will dramatically improve the offense, but saying everything can be solved with Zach playing to his potential is a very big exaggeration.
  13. With this team, cursed isn't totally out of the realm of possibilities...
  14. He also threw 8 INTs in 3 starts. I agree that Saleh's wimping out playing Flacco but he probably also wanted to make sure the Jets defense wasn't out on the field for longer
  15. That's the face I made every time I watched the Jets game today!
  16. Sometimes I wonder if Fant has been bad because he wasn't paid. If so that's a trash move by Fant
  17. Here's my philosophy if the Jets are gonna be a joke, let's at least hire a really great punch line
  18. If the coaching keep crapping around like this I wouldn't be sad to see them go. I'm not a big fan of changing coaches quickly but this is a disaster. I would be ok with JD hiring eric bieniemy or brian flores or someone like that during the offseason
  19. Agreed. I currently have almost no confidence in the coaching staff. I keep hearing people say LaFleur is good, but having Flacco throw most of the time is a bad decision. Saleh is a wuss, and Ulbrich should be working at Walmart or something
  20. They also are in a division with the Colts and Texans, who suck pretty badly, and the Titans who have sucked. Meanwhile, the Jets are in a division with the Dolphins and Bills who don't suck. Hopefully the Jags game today was like our Bengals game last season.
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