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  1. Great recap KRL! Love your posts!
  2. This phrase isn't said much here: This aged pretty well
  3. Really bad cheap shot a few weeks back against WTF, gave him a concussion and probably a neck injury or somehthing.
  4. This game made me realize that Mosely might be the best player on this team (Unless Mike White plays lights out for the next few games too). Without him, the defense doesn't even show up.
  5. They are improving dramatically each game. JD might have been on to something
  6. He's probably cheating on his team right now
  7. What a stat line 13/13 133 yards 1 TD
  8. Wrong wording, my bad. You're totally correct with this, will be nice to see how they play next week
  9. Because he watched Mike White play
  10. I just realized while reading this that both the Jets and the Dolphins have crapped themselves against the bills in the final game to miss playoffs at 10-6 with Ryan Fitzpatrick on the team in the last 6 years
  11. Compared to the bengal's 18 first downs
  12. He probably was, his backup just had the best game of the season for the jets. Hope that means he works on checkdowns all November
  13. Carter had an awesome game he hasn't been great in the past games, so hope this isn't a fluke. The question is, did the running game help White be more successful, or did White help the running game be more successful?
  14. So what is the jets record in these uniforms in the last 3 years now?
  15. Jets are still undefeated when leading at any point in a game
  16. He plays better than Wilson in LaFleur's offense. If he can build positive surroundings, that's all I care about
  17. Darn, that put the game outta reach Bryce Hall might be really good at coverage, but the ghost of Jet Jamal seems to have rubbed off on him and the rest of the defense with ints
  18. I don't see any reason why Zach Wilson should play the rest of the season except to build chemistry with the rest of the team. White plays better in the system, but Zach has more potential. He is too raw right now
  19. I think LaFleur's offense fits White better, but that doesn't mean that Zach has a pass to have played that badly. I think Zach has more potential, but won't learn it by playing immediately. He needs White to come in and play, and hopefully play the rest of the year. I don't see Zach playing well without taking time off. If White plays lights out really good, that's awesome too
  20. The link that I see is that every time we have less hope than usual the Jets play ok
  21. At least we aren't getting crushed by 20 points, this offense obviously works better under White. hopefully that means that zach will sit longer to learn, but unlikely
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