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  1. And let's face it, would Allen or Jackson really succeed with the roster Macc built? Probably not. Even if you acknowledge that Darnold just sucks, and his supporting cast couldn't have helped, Macc proved that the cast can make it all worse. Jets were screwed no matter who they took.
  2. I wonder if the commercial will involve Baker moving to a different stadium
  3. I'm just wondering, which side is the one holding it up? Is Hall asking for too much or are the Jets trying to pay too little? Or is it a mix of both?
  4. That was quite the wait
  5. I like Simm's placement of Geno Smith down at 31. Probably because he would break his jaw 30 seconds in and leave 70 year old Pete Carroll to carry the whole thing
  6. You know like 3 games in he would leave the field with his shirt off
  7. Remember when DWC said that the Jets were going 14-3 last offseason?
  8. "Man, the offense played like no other against our defense yesterday! And our defense was really good last season!"
  9. One day the Braxton Berrios type player will be paying for team meals
  10. Both of them are young QBs looking for a bounce back season in the same division. Both have had upgrades or receiving corps.
  11. Were they drunk when they made this decision or something?
  12. That was bad wording on my part. I guess I'm not 100% sure what's going on, I just felt like it's a mixture of both parties that's ending up as a problem
  13. This isn't a JD problem. He paid Fant much more cash than anybody else would have and it totally paid off. Fant was a great tackle. I'm kind of frustrated that Fant is holding out here, but honestly he played well enough to deserve at least a little raise. So it's a standoff because JD isn't willing to use that money on Fant, but Fant thinks he's worth it. That has nothing to do with JD not being a very good OL expert.
  14. I don't see any point to saying hello to yourself
  15. This is a ripoff. Lawrence was essentially as bad as Zach Wilson. He's getting too many excuses. Here's my list: 1. Mac Jones. I know we all hate him here, but he's the only one who has any significant playoff experience at this point, and he was the only one who really seemed ready for the NFL. He's only poised to play the same next season. 22-13 TD-INT, 3800 yards in 17 games. 2. Davis Mills. Despite playing as the QB of the Texans, he actually looked pretty ok in some of his games. He was definitely better than many of the others. I don't really know what type of situation he's going to be in next season, but he's shown to play better than everybody else. 16-10 TD-INT, 2600 yards in 13 games Now time for the harder to rank: 3. Trevor Lawrence. His stats are better than Wilson's, but still pretty bad. He started off a lot stronger than he finished, and had an 8 game streak or something without a single TD pass. Still had over 1000 more yards than Zach Wilson and played all 17 games. However, he doesn't look in nearly as good of a position to me. 12-17 TD-INT, 3600 yards in 17 games. 4. Zach Wilson. He started off absolutely awful, and I thought for quite a while that he was another bust. But after his injury he fixed his main problem of protecting the ball and also started getting better with his dirt throws. His accuracy didn't improve after his injury despite what everybody here says, but overall he started to look better, which is always a good sign. He had pretty bad numbers for 13 games though. 9 -11 TD-INT, 2300 yards in 13 games. 5. Justin Fields. This poor guy got stuck with the Bears and has to deal with a coaching change right off the bat. Furthermore, Chicago spent their 2 2nd rounders on Defense, so Fields better hope that free agency... Wait nevermind the Bears didn't really help with that. Fields got battered and smacked around. He didn't wow anybody and looked pretty bad. 7-10 TD-INT ratio, 1870 yards in 12 games. 6. Trey Lance. Honestly not a lot of footage on him, but he does have the best TD-INT ratio of the 6. I don't think he's ready to start yet but if the Niners cut Garappolo we will find out real fast. 5-2 TD-INT ratio, 603 yards in 6 games. I still can't believe they ranked Mills so low despite him having one of the best completion % of the bunch. This seemed more like a kind of mixed draft spots list.
  16. I mean, you could do Urban Meyer as HC. You would not be disappointed
  17. You didn't write this Mosley article, did you?
  18. Hex

    Double threat

    The question is, what is the original thread?
  19. I wouldn't be surprised if half of this forum is just the same guy arguing with himself on 500 different accounts
  20. The key is for him to follow this up with another sharp performance. Last season he had a lot of good practices but didn't follow them up. If he can here I believe this will also show during the regular season. I am excited!
  21. The reason a lot of us are frustrated is because after getting destroyed by Lawson in last season's camp, we haven't seen much of him due to an injury that was supposed to be 5-8 weeks long and instead has stretched to almost a year.
  22. I have found that everything wrong with Zach can be taught or fixed with time. He has all of those 'uncoachables', and the motivation to learn what he sucks at. Everything depends on if the Jets handle him right and if he handles himself right.
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