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  1. If the Jets make the playoffs, it will either be despite ZW or because of ZW. There's no middle.
  2. I can't wait for "Metlife most packed stadium in the NFL when Jets are playing there"
  3. Just wait until the 'Whole defense tears ACL' headline comes out
  4. They're almost hitting PETA levels of a joke, it's sad
  5. Seems like the draft craze has ended and been forgotten
  6. This seems generally like a 'how long has each coach been an HC' ranking. However, I don't really get the Kliff Kingsbury ranking there. He tends to suck at the end of the year and has only had 1 winning season as Head Coach.
  7. But trading flacco...
  8. Yea, I was about to ask what happened to this thread
  9. I think a couple hats and a sock were in the mix too.
  10. Super Bowl Jets vs Panthers Sam Darnold wins SB MVP despite losing the game. Jets win +100000 ”Whaddaya say, Bob? Do we take the bait and place in all our savings?” Sure I guess
  11. I don't know what type of crack those ESPN writers are on, but there are multiple teams worse than the Jets. I mean, for starters the Texans didn't get any better. The Falcons kind of suck now even with Kyle Pitts, the Lions aren't going anywhere, and the Jaguars overpaid at practically every single position. Even last year, despite looking like the worst team in football, the Jets still had the No. 4 overall pick.
  12. This. Today's NFL is much more offense-oriented, and the defenses aren't every going to be as good as they used to be, with things like new rules that limit how aggressive the defense can be and such. If a QB shows the same stats players like Joe Namath did today but against wimpy and limited defenses, they're pretty much going to the hounds. Let us hope Zach Wilson steps up his game.
  13. Thank you, Jamal Adams! Thank you!
  14. Maybe only part of the practice was public
  15. I know, right? They're having us face the 3 most feared teams in the preseason
  16. Speaking of, what happened to the Gallows? Would be a shame if it was just gone
  17. Seattle probably thought they had the best offer with the Adams trade. They're scared of making it worse, so I doubt they trade him. Plus they need at least 1 good player on their team (Spoiler: Adams doesn't count)
  18. Ever heard the phrase "Expect disappointment, and you will either be happily surprised or right"? Sure it may not be the greatest philosophy, but given the bullcrap the Jets have given us the last couple decades it's pretty realistic for us to think this way
  19. Change the title to "Browns Franchise going Backward"
  20. I half expected this to be a DWC twitter post or something
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