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  1. I'm just wondering, how major is this really? It all seems like a joke to me, but I keep seeing it pop up
  2. Depends on who they are willing to cut and who is available
  3. It’s not fun to get it at any time, but now is better than a year ago. Good luck and hope it isn’t too bad!
  4. He certainly was better than Kotite, that's for sure
  5. How do the Jets have the worst schedule in the league? We are middle of the pack in schedule difficulty, we finish off the season with 4 easy teams, and our bye week is at the best week. Seems like a pretty good schedule to me
  6. I see no Win the Super Bowl +10000 on there
  7. Jet's first 4 games are against the AFC North, starting with Ravens. Raven's first 4 games are against AFC East, starting with Jets
  8. Seems to me like they’re trying to avoid another Zach contract problem
  9. It started out with meaty paragraphs out of nowhere, normally making no sense. Then it went to videos with no context. and now it’s the worst of both! Huzzah!
  10. No matter how good our offseason is, there's gonna be idiots and others who crap all over the Jets. When we start winning games, then will people start crapping over the lack of super bowl rings the Jets have
  11. Ah yes, Arron Rodgers Fun guy
  12. We can enjoy the comedy all we want, but pushing it onto Dolphins fans seems a little over the top
  13. I don't know about you, but most Jets fans want their team to succeed I could care less what Fins Fans are saying
  14. It's probably good to revisit this draft class after their rookie deals are up, because then we have a mmuch better idea of what it's like
  15. Jets Fans are the only people who would purposefully seek out hateful and angry comments from Dolphins Fans
  16. The only difference is that technically the Jets and Giants are the only ones in a different state, unless Washington is too
  17. Finally, this is just the type of thread I was looking for!
  18. We should sign him, seems like a promising player
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