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  1. As a PSU fan I’d like Luketa over Smith. Smith has better measurable but never played to them. Luketa is a smart hard worker and versatile guy. Also can surprise as a pass rusher.
  2. Positives young DBs competed and played with some swagger Zac Wilson didn’t get frazzled,or deer in headlight look after tough start. Looked tough and calm against buffalo moore can be real deal Carter can be real deal Berrios is more than gadget returner Negatives Injuries and more injuries Becton LB were non existent no TE on roster
  3. That has to be on Bills! that was a clean block Cant hit now ?
  4. Not having a real LB on the roster is effectively killing our ability to defend the screens
  5. I want to see Zac make good decisions and no forcing stats irrelevant today except no turnovers like to see Yeboah get some balls to see if he is an answer Want to see secondary continue to play hard and improve worried about QB runs on our defense especially our poor LBs
  6. I’m glad if Zac called his own number. Hes playing the best team in the league and the best QB ever missing half his offense, and said **** it I’m gonna win this thing now. Rather have that attitude then the over cautious wilting flowers we have had at QB lately I want a cocky leader not a guy who is just trying not to make mistakes
  7. Aikman and Johnston love to bloviate their virtue and pious words yet hid their love for each other for years shut up already goodie two shoes
  8. Put Wilson on move roll him away from Edoga lets see Yeboah!
  9. I want Middleton to turn around and have “THUMP” written on the back of his pants!
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