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  1. 1. Bet on other team 2. Drink a shot every time we run for no more than 3 yards on first down 3. Smoke a joint every time we give up a 3rd and long. 2 hits every time it’s longer than 3rd and 20 4. Pretend GVR is protecting your arch nemesis and revel when the latter breaks free 5. Wear pants over your head + soundproof earphones. Eat chicken wings and drink beer through the zipper for 3 hours 6. Pay wife or girlfriend to ‘touch you’ every first down the other team gets 7. Recall the last time you had Kidney Stones and how much better you feel now 8. Play ‘
  2. Here are a few. Curious what your views are. 1. OC who has no ability or leash to think outside the box and cater to whatever few strengths the Jets have 2. DC who fits the same mold above 3. Horrible run defense as a special callout which is limiting opportunities to pin ears back and rush the passer. Wtf happened to this previous strength? 4. Head Coach who either overly controls his coordinators or who gives them way too much slack. The scripted first 3 plays yesterday was a joke punishable in my head by severe bamboo stick lashings 5. Now back to the first 3 pla
  3. Dreaming of Zack Wilson on a white stallion
  4. Haha! I did officially join and post for the first time yesterday but I’ve been reading posts here for years. You guys really are a funny bunch, which is needed given the sh*t show we’ve been watching on the field.
  5. I like what you did on the second to last one. That’s like predicting you’ll fart in the next day. I mean, they don’t have 1 int all year so I’m with you on that one.
  6. Becton started 24 games at right tackle at Louisville. Start him there against the more powerful but less quick edge rushers and keep Fant on the left against the quicker edge rushers. Play to both of their strengths. Wilson won’t be able to see over Moses if he moves to guard :). Identify an available guard who can play and fits this system on the trade market and make the deal before the deadline. I pray there is one out there because we need to fix and evaluate the offensive line this season.
  7. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. First time poster who enjoys the banter, humor, and opinions on this site. We are an unlucky bunch, aren’t we? 1. Jets trade for a guard before the trade deadline. 2022 is about Wilson’s development in 2021 which will be immensely helped shoring up the middle of the pocket 2. Bye bye Maye. Good player, mostly under appreciated but he is no longer part of the team’s LT plans and it’s better to cash in for something now than to get no value later 3. No tight end yet. Sorry Ertz fans but this gets addressed in round 1 2022. Kind of counter to #1 but JD ultimately decides
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