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  1. That’s no missile. That’s the opposite of a missile. Worst pain in my life!!
  2. Last 3 weeks of the season, he was PFF's #4 ranked overall safety in terms of grade (80+). Agree, it would be amazing if he stepped up and became an above average starter at safety. I wrote in another thread that JD has wisely/economically used Free Agency to grab average to above average starters. Corresponding PFF grades typically from low 70s to low 80s. Offense: LT Fant, LG Tomlinson, C McGovern, TE Uzomah/Conklin, WR C Davis (solid #2/slot) Defense: DE Lawson, CB Reed, SS Whitehead. (Swung and missed on DT Rankins ..) The inner core is via the Draft where we have 7 top 40 picks over the past 2 years + RT Becton + DT QW. The latter 2 have shown flashes of elite production but obviously need to stay healthy & be more consistent. Big year for both. I'm optimistic about all of the following and think Wilson's floor is middle of the pack starting QB assuming he doesn't have the YIPS when it comes to accuracy (a concern I still have). His ceiling is scary (for other teams). Offense: QB Wilson, RG AVT, RB Hall, WR Moore, WR Wilson Defense: DE Johnson, CB Gardner The developmental starters & depth comes from the mid/late rounds, waiver wire, or quiet free agent pick-ups. Projected starters from this bucket. Offense: QB Flacco/White, Swing OT Mitchell (round 4), G Herbig (waiver), TE Ruckert (round 3), RB Carter (round 4), WR Slot Berrios (waiver) Defense: DL JFM (waiver), DT Marshall (round 6), DE Huff (undrafted), DE Martin, DE Clemons (round 4), LB Quincy W (waiver), LB Sherwood (round 5), LB Nasirildeen (round 6)), CB Hall (round 5), CB Echols (round 6) CB Slot Carter II (round 5), CB Slot Guidry (undrafted), FS Pinnock (round 5), FS Joyner
  3. Well, that is our first interesting observation on the potential starting lineup. Obviously, we'd expect Sauce to overtake one of the corner spots. Plus things might change a bit day to day to give different guys a look. But it's notable at this stage that Carter remains at nickel rather than moving to safety, as some fans thought could be in the works. The competition here is great. I don't expect Hall or Reed to just give Sauce their job. We are all expecting it to be Hall after Reed signed on as a free agent. I can't wait to see the cornerback rotation come into focus. It's going to be tough to keep Bryce Hall off the field and not sure there is a better slot on the team than Carter. Possibly we see a non traditional rotation of corners to keep legs fresh and competition healthy, much like we will see on the DL. It's also notable that Pinnock is being given the first shot at FS. We'll see if this holds this week and next. If it does, it supports the strategy that JD and Saleh will give the younger players a chance to win the position over a vet like Joyner. To me, this is refreshing and a great way to develop talent and manage the cap over the long term. Vets like Joyner still fill a role, but it's a change from past strategies where their experience secured their starting position. Now, guys like Joyner are 1 year insurance policies and quality depth.
  4. So many mindless narratives.. The Jets are likely a better team having a guy like Mike White. He is what he is and I think that’s a quality backup QB capable of moving THIS offense and scoring points. See Bengals full game (not couple clips) and Colts before getting hurt. Yes, he’s fragile and is very capable of throwing multiple interceptions in a game. See the Bills game. Who cares if he checks down to Carter? That’s smart. He also hit plenty of clutch mid range throws that Wilson did not. I'm assuming this is a ‘reaction’ to some fans and media anointing him the savior after the Bengals game last year. That doesn’t make Mike White more or less than what he is, and I’d take him any day over the cluster____ of backups the Jets have embarrassingly marched onto the field in years past.
  5. Great topic. He definitely was an enigma. He looked like the best player on the field at times fired out of a cannon but then disappeared other times stopping the run or controlling the flats. I do worry he might not have great instincts. Someone with great instincts can overcome slightly slower speed. But it might be tougher for a guy with blazing speed to overcome poor instincts.
  6. That’s a good point. Last I looked at this, we were only slightly less than $5M under after allocating for the draft class. We did cut GVR which picked up about $3M net of Herbig. So the real number is probably closer to $7-8M as of today. I would expect us to cut Rankins if/when we sign another DT so let’s consider that a wash. Rankins is between $4-5M. Meaning we still would have $7-8M for a swing tackle and LB. Last year we signed Moses for $3.6M. Meaning we’d have about the same for a LB.
  7. Who is going to stop the run? Sherwood and Nas coming back might help cover the TEs and RBs but are they big enough to stop the run? Ogunjobi? His run grades are terrible. Seems to sell out for sacks and should only be considered a pass rushing upgrade over Rankins, who was equally inept at both last year. Alexander fits the Jets well but only from an oft injured perspective. I don’t get the interest here.
  8. Jets are currently sitting with $13M in available cap space, 12th most according to Overthecap.com. They are also in good shape for next year. I see the following 1. Swing OT like Daryl Williams on a 1 year deal, formerly of the Bills who’s played both tackle and guard well but is better at tackle. 79.4 grade as Bills RT 2 years ago before switching to guard (67.5 grade) 2. LB who can backup Mosley and stop the run. Can you imagine Mosley gets hurt. Are our converted safeties playing Mike? 1-2 year deal. (I’m still but less concerned about the covering the flat or TEs this year with last year’s rookies coming back from injury) 3. DT who can help stop the run up the middle. Absolutely terrible here last year and only lost talent instead of gaining. Don’t like the Bengals guy; prefer someone like Hicks, an underrated player released from the Bears. 1-2 year deql
  9. LOL on washing JD's balls :). Also wanted to take a minute to respond on the talent evaluation. As mentioned in the OP, his philosophy of taking 1 year flyers on former first rounders and/or those he believed to be miscast has NOT paid off. AT ALL. Jared Davis and Sheldon Rankins are the most recent examples. Brandon Perriman was another example. So he gets a bad grade here! He also has a very bad existing grade on his first draft. Personally, I only have hope for Becton and Hall. Becton would have to turn into a hall of fame for this draft to even reach B :). And we know he has big question marks he must answer. Hall is an enigma, I really love the way he plays but the Jets clearly went out and 'upgraded'. Obviously there are still a lot of other question marks, some due to injury and some due to youth. But I am excited about his last 2 drafts + players he has given multi-year contracts to, AND also appreciate some of the quieter moves he has made (JFM, Berrios, Quincy Williams, Nate Herbig, Mike White, Bryce Huff, Javelin Guidry). I'm also optimistic his talent evaluation finally did things we haven't seen in decades .. or forever. But to your point, it's too early to tell so the big hits have not yet arrived. 1. Hit big on a 2nd rounder, let alone Wide Receiver in Elijah Moore 2. Select a player like Breece Hall who has star written all over him. I recall passing on players like Warren Sapp who most Jets fans were screaming for. To be let down time and again with head scratching moves 3. Grabbed us a franchise QB. Yes, I know Wilson was PRETTY BAD year 1. While some fans are understandably down on him, I also remember that many fans were high on Darnold and Sanchez after their first year. So the jury is still out ... but I can't help be encouraged by his progress on the basic stuff and off the chart talent on the more difficult
  10. His strategy and philosophy have given us a higher probability of long term success, compared to the many Jets & other GMs who didn't / don't have a consistent plan. Sometimes ripping the bandaid off hurts really bad compared to a slower bleed, but doesn't mean it's not the right thing to do. Short term 2019-2021 wins is NOT the benchmark. It's the CURRENT COACHING STAFF, the CURRENT ROSTER, and THE AVAILABLE CAP SPACE MOVING FORWARD .... after 3 long, hard years of rebuilding and transitioning to a new HC & QB, and turning over a crappy roster while fixing a cap mess (dead money). He got us to this point trading Leo Williams and Jamal Adams, and firing Gase who he inherited. He also made the decision to move on from Darnold, a decision that a good number of NFL experts and many here thought was a mistake. "Surround Darnold with better talent", they said... Yes, it takes time to climb the ladder after being firmly stuck in the basement. Head Coach: Replaced Gase with Saleh, beating out multiple other teams who were heavily interested. QB: Replaced Darnold with Wilson. Did you want him to wait another year for the great crop of this past draft's QBs, wait even longer until 2023 or trade for an established star when all the 'others stars didn't align'? 38 year old Rodgers @ $50M per year, Massage Watson for 3 #1s, or 33 year old Wilson for multiple 1s, multiple starters & more? And please don't tell me you or anyone else here or elsewhere were clamoring for Mac Jones to be the pick. Roster: From trash to on paper, now competitive. Its core consists of 7 top 40 picks across the past 2 drafts + a smart, 'value centric' collection of good to very good NFL starters he picked up mostly in free agency (Fant, McGovern, JFM, Reed, Whitehead, Tomlinson, Uzomah/Conklin, Lawson, Davis) Now, it's time for wins. Completely agree and would be heavily disappointed if we don't jump from 4 to 8+ wins this year.
  11. Formers Jet scout? That's like taking meditation advice from Putin or chick advice from the 40 year old virgin.
  12. Nah, that was a pretty objective original post. What GM have we had who’s had a multi year plan? Who’s gotten rid of players not a day too soon? Been in alignment with the coach? Gotten anything of value from the waiver wire? Traded overrated assets to collect high draft picks? Focused on offense over defense? Had any competitive strengths? Drinks a normal amount of caffeine? Can’t tell if you are just joking but there are some who are understandably upset about his win / loss record to date. As one examines the moves he’s made, it’s become abundantly clear it was never about early wins. Yes, he did strike out on low risk 1 year contracts on players with perceived upside which could have led to some more wins these past 2 years but that was never supposed to be a big part of the puzzle.
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