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  1. Summary for those who didn’t listen. 1. Answered Corey Davis is coming back but I rate 6 out of 10 on the conviction scale 2. Really likes the safety group, expecting improvement from Whitehead in year 2. Conviction rate an 8 since this was unsolicited 3. Went out of his way to ‘emphasize’ that Carl Lawson will be a Jet as long as he can still rush the passer, which was implied by his comments. Strongest conviction out of the 3 Other Notable Commentary - Answered that ‘as of now’, Zach is the back-up and then proceeded to try to walk the ‘as of now’ part back …. Hmmmm - When discussing the safeties, mentioned Ashtyn Davis ahead of ‘T.A.’ (Tony Adams, possibly t!ts & ass .. it was unclear) - Proactively highlighted 2 open DT spots, was pretty clear that this was the #1 current hole on defense - In answering a question about the Tackles, loves him some Duane Brown, referenced Becton’s social posts regarding how good the big guy looks and is ‘confident that Max Mitchell will be back healthy’. Didn’t shy away from the fact the draft is a place they might look to add - Also didn’t shy away from OBJ talk, who he called a ‘great player and person’ - Highlighted multiple times Lazard’s strength in the red zone - The Jets were surprised Hardman was available - Commented how JD was ‘scared’ of an angry Jets fan after the Jags game @kevinc855 - Glowed about the positive fans at jetnation, specifically a poster named @bitonti
  2. So now we are blaming Woody for the Jackson saga? What other things can we blame Woody for?
  3. He seemed angry that the Packers were (in so many words) asking for too much and not allowing a fair trade to happen, since they moved on to Love which ‘he was fine with’. Made it seem a little like a hostage situation. That said, obviously that was a dramatic made for TV moment so who knows the reality. He did however seem genuine in making it clear he was not the hold-up, nor was it the Jets, but rather the Packers who appeared to be playing hardball (which I imply as conflict).
  4. Did you see his appearance on Pat McAfee’s show? Here’s another part of my speculation. Would the Jets really draw a firm line in the sand trading a 2024 (late) first round pick that most draft experts would equate to a late 2023 first round pick. “Additionally, Rich Hill notes that there is no "perfect value" for future draft picks. They are often discounted in future trades, as teams view current assets as more valuable than future assets. Hill explains that the discount on those picks often amounts to about one round.”
  5. The ‘framework’ for a trade would likely have happened by now if both sides agreed that 2024 trade assets was mutually best for both teams. The timing of the trade would need to wait but that’s merely a procedural thing. The smoke clouds and Rodgers himself both say there is significant conflict, which Leads me to speculate (which this all is) that this is a 2023 issue.
  6. So why wouldn’t the Jets be willing to part with 2024 trade comp instead of 2023 if it’s about a 1 to 2 year window? Keeping 2023 is at least as beneficial to the Jets short term window as getting a better future haul is to GB. In fact those 2 things line pretty well. Jets: We get to keep 2023. Great! GB: We get a better future draft haul. Great! Nah!! There’s most likely some real conflict on the 2023 side.
  7. We are all speculating but those who do it best are using some logic to the speculation. My use of logic is that 2023 trade compensation is a big factor since GB has a young QB it needs to support and because this is a short term business, including for Saleh & JD. No disagreement there. While both teams need this to happen (not speculation), GB needs it to happen by April 27th. If it doesn’t, then they’ve missed a window to support Love while the Jets still have a window to secure Rodgers. GB still needs to unload Rodgers and the Jets are the only team willing to negotiate. As for your soeculatiom, you are referencing something that happened 15 years ago. The world has changed..
  8. Exactly. I don’t get the May or June talk when it appears the Packers value THIS draft. And they should since their future beyond this year is not guaranteed. Their #1 priority should be to support Love in 2023. That’s why this gets done before April 27! Let’s evaluate a scenario where the Packers are Ok waiting past April 27.. GB knows the Jets are already willing to part with a 2024 first rounder if certain conditions are met. Even if the Packers push to remove those conditions, is a 2024 guaranteed first round pick in an assumed 25-32 range really THAT MUCH more valuable than the 42nd pick this year .. (even if you threw out the goal to help Love immediately)? Beyond that, what is more valuable to GB? Option 1: 2023 42nd pick + a 2024 3rd rounder that can escalate to a 1st? Option 2: 2024 guaranteed 1st (25-32 range) + a 2024 3rd rounder (Jets would likely not agree to part with both their 1st & 2nd rounder next year) ——————————————————————— The Packer’s WILL start to get scared if the Jets don’t budge in the next few weeks because they really need this wrapped up by April 27, 2023. Otherwise, they fail in their top priority to support their new QB this year— AND possibly risk the entire deal blowing up. JD knows both Poker hands and only loses here if the Packers say **** you after April 27 & try to play round 2 of hardball .. which would be what? “Now give us your entire 2024 draft because we know you need a QB this year”, risking having to live with the distraction named Rodgers and paying him to sit on a bench or outright releasing him to play for the … Jets.
  9. Meanwhile …. Berrios meeting the Dolphins cheerleaders in South Beach
  10. That’s why I gave a C to the safety plan because I agree it’s a gamble to rely on Adams in the deep zone. Whitehead has historically been ok in zone, he struggles in man. DT was not a weakness last year so I didn’t bring it up but it is a newly created weakness that hopefully gets filled by Campbell. Jets can free you up cap space to address current needs but who is still available at Safety or OLine to make a big difference? Jets might feel differently about Kwon than the fans, instead planning on giving Sherwood a shot. Or a fourth rounder since this is a sub package role. It would be a self inflicted wound if the Jets miss out on Calais Campbell and their FA DT plan becomes a draft plan since OLine is such a priority at the top of the draft.
  11. It’s just where we are now. We can table most discussions until then. There’s a lot to like so far and yes, still more work to be done. But we are through a core part of free agency with most of the big names off the board. So JD’s plan is kind of coming into focus ..
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