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  1. Jets pass defense has the chance to be excellent IF Sherwood, Harris and Nasilreen can help sniff out the RB screen game & cover the TEs. Both utterly unacceptable last year. We should be able to create pressure up the middle and off the edge, the perfect recipe for sacks & turnovers. Reed, Sauce, and Whitehead should have fans excited . Sauce has the potential to be a true lockdown on 3rd down. As excited as I am about the pass defense, I’m even more concerned about the run defense. Yes, the above 3 DBs should help while also allowing the Jets to stack the box, but how can you not be concerned at DT and LB after last year. We lost Fatukasi and still have several wildcards.
  2. Yep, just don’t think he’s a system fit. He was drafted for Gase’s ‘system’. Personally, stripping out his physical gifts, I just don’t think he’s a very good football player at this level. His lack of separation with his physical attributes is very surprising. Meaning he might not have a high football IQ / understand the nuances of getting open. But I do think other teams will still take a chance that he would fit their passing game or could still be taught the subtleties of getting open. So he still is a tradable asset and the Jets still have some holes.
  3. Surprise make 1. WR DJ Montgomery (over Mims) 2. DL Curry as a versatile inside out guy Surprise cut 1. WR Mims (if not traded) 2. FS Joyner; Jets instead keep both Pinnock & Davis 3. Rankins. Poor performer, save close to $4M on the cap
  4. Cool topic.. I can’t fathom the Jets not upgrading from Edoga. It would almost be reckless given their investment in Wilson, the question marks around Becton and the importance of taking a big step this year. But they haven’t done it yet so at this point Edoga stays over McDermott. Hardee? The leader of Special Teams. Probably not. Great picks on the other 2! I can see both of those. Huff would hurt but the guy hasn’t been able to stay healthy and they’ve improved depth.
  5. Funny, I wanted Hicks too. Training camp should start to fill in some blanks here and linebacker. I would love to say I have complete confidence in JD, Saleh and Ulbrich to fix the run defense but after last year’s historically bad showing, color me still concerned (until I’m not). Good chatting with you.
  6. All fair. I agree that it doesn’t seem like the Jets are looking for a fat run stuffer. Not sure I get the strategy but agree it does impact who they go after.
  7. Any guys out there in free agency you like? Still have a bit of money plus some savings from a Rankins cut to go shopping.
  8. Good thoughts! Just think Curry is more of an edge and Rankins was very very subpar last year, graded near the bottom of interior linemen in both pass and run. Would love to bring in a big fat run stopper that fits the system. As mentioned above, Riley is more of a strong safety where Joyner is more of a free safety. Maybe the Jets see these roles as interchangeable which would make your comparison that much more relevant.
  9. That is good info. I didn’t realize that either. Logically, your argument makes sense. Excited to see a roster so deep on paper, outside of a vet swing tackle (not named McDermott or Edoga), another DT, and some LB help. The first feels like an absolute requirement. The sentiment on the latter 2 might change depending on the development of guys like Marshall, Sherwood and Nasilreen. Still have no idea who fills in for Mosley if he got hurt. That’s the scariest defensive depth scenario for me..
  10. Curious why you are so down on White? I know he was overhyped. Is there something you see in his makeup or game? I think it was Cimini who recently reported the Jets view him as a starter, which I get might be smoke and mirrors originating from the FO to move him in a deal. But if you see it that way, it does tell you the Jets feel there might be a market and would be worried about him clearing waivers.
  11. Which Free Safety do they cut to keep Joyner? Pinnock or Davis? With the depth they now have, some difficult decisions meaning they really won’t have the luxury to keep 3 free safeties. At least, seems highly unlikely. Yep, strong rationale on Montgomery. I’m strictly going by who is standing out in minicamp so that one is highly subject to change.
  12. 1. Agreed. Didn’t realize he had $3M guaranteed 3. This will be an interesting debate thru training camp & into preseason. I just don’t think he’s a fit. Hope I’m wrong 4. I know, I had a tough time justifying keeping Rankins. But that would leave us with only 3.5 interior tackles including JFM on passing downs. So 3 against the run where we are most vulnerable. Unless they feel JFM can stay inside against the run 5. Most 4-3 teams keep 6 to 7. Special teams contributors often come from this pool and we are losing some TEs that played significant special teams reps 6. Riley is more of a strong safety while Pinnock, Davis and Joyner are more free safeties. Joyner staying might mean Davis or Pinnock leaves
  13. Good thoughts. For the first time in over a decade, we might have multiple surprise cuts due to the competition level. How would 2 QBs work? Stash White on Practice Squad? Would he need to clear waivers? If not, how easy is it for another team to sign him?
  14. What’s your take? Assuming 1 punter, 1 pk, 1 long snapper, 50 left for the following.. QB (3): Wilson, White, Flacco OL (9). Fant, Tomlinson, McGovern, AVT, Becton. Mitchell, TBD Vet Swing Tackle, Herbig, Feeney (edited to keep given $3M guaranteed) RB (4): Hall, Carter, Coleman, FB Bowden WR (6): Moore, Davis, Wilson, Berrios, Smith, Montgomery. * Mims traded * TE (3): Uzomah, Conklin, Ruckert DL (9): Johnson, JFM, Williams, Lawson. Huff, Marshall, TBD Vet DT, Martin/Clemons. * Rankins cut saving roughly $4M (edited to make roster room for Feeney) * LB (6): Mosley, Williams, TBD (trade or free agent). Harris, Sherwood, Nasilreen CB (6): Sauce, Reed, Carter II. Hall, Echols, Hardee. * Guidry cut * Safety (4): Whitehead, Pinnock. Riley, Davis. * Joyner cut *
  15. 95% of my posts are about the Jets with half the duller analytical type. Lol. And most of my interactions are positive. That said, I might be prone to the occasional back & forth. But I’ll always be quick to throw an olive branch, even be one of the first in line to help a fellow Jets fan.
  16. I almost spit out my water!! That is hysterical. In all seriousness, does she have a sister? Asking for a friend..
  17. I think I’m offended but not quite sure. Do you have any other angles?
  18. Wait, you can START joking about butt play & then my wife and then get upset that I joke about your mom. I asked you earlier in the thread about your Jets thoughts. Your response was ‘I think the Jets and most posts are stupid’. Would still love to hear them. I mean look at my original post about the Jets and then see your snarky response. In all honesty, if I crossed your line, I apologize. My intent was to have a little fun. I’m actually a decent human being and we’d probably get along well in real life.
  19. Yep, you live with your mom right? She must have overheard your discussion and then shared with me. She actually told me you are a lovely boy but sometimes stay up past 10pm bedtime. Hey, cool playing with you. Would still love to hear some of those Jets thoughts. ;)
  20. Ok if this is the latter, I’ll stop playing along with Integrity. If it’s the former, then we’ll continue the theatrics. I won’t be hurt, let me know.
  21. Oh no.. did she sneak off with my phone and press the laugh emoji. What a little sneak? Ooo I like that. hey, I’m old school
  22. I know, your mom passed that along in bed last night. I couldn’t really hear her, she was muffled. It’s so cute, I nicknamed her Integrity69
  23. He has the eyes of a QB murderer. May they haunt the sleepy dreams of Josh Allen, Mac Jones, and Tua. If I’m Saleh, I’m running a special defensive all out blitz package. Goal to wipe out that smug look on BB’s face and as a ‘message’ to every team that these are the new f-in New York Jets. Edge Lawson DT JFM DT Williams Edge Johnson MLB Mosley WLB Williams SLB Clemons CB Huff CB Martin SS Curry FS Marshall
  24. Keep the poop and dick jokes coming. 47 years old, and they are as funny as when I was 8.
  25. With you on the first 2. I can see Davis, has flashed here and there entering year 3. Don't know why the immediate fan expectations were so high for a third round safety from the Pac 10. SMH as I type that. Respectfully, don't see it with Zuniga but if you are right, what a problem to have.
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