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  1. Breece was never going to get the full load anyways. Carter gets like 30+% of the snaps
  2. If he’s cheap then I’d be ok with it, but I was thinking he’d be like 10 mil which is way too much
  3. Why can’t Breece be the goal line back for cheap?
  4. He was the goal line back
  5. He’s not a lead back. He’s a scat back. Never was never will be
  6. Pass on Zeke. He’s washed
  7. Breece was the MVP of the team when he was in!
  8. He was in the slot most of the time this year. Half asking his routes because he’s frustrated doesn’t mean he can’t separate. People who have watched his tape and make metrics off of it have said that’s he’s an elite separator on the outside.
  9. Sticking with the opinion that he can’t get separation on the outside when it’s 100% incorrect? You do you I guess man
  10. That stuff was also 5+ years ago. It’s not like he was fighting with his teammates or yelling at the coaches. People change and mature as they get into their 30s. You are acting like he shot someone when all he did was throw a helmet a net. Big deal
  11. Maybe I’m just not remembering right but I don’t recall OBJ being a bad locker room guy. Sure he had outbursts on the sideline, but I viewed that as being very competitive and not being able to hold it in. I remember him throwing his helmet at the kickers net and things like that, but nothing too toxic
  12. Us role models. Now that’s funny! I guess it’s kind of true though we are stand up citizens compared to those two
  13. Of course it WAS after the tear down. Last year it wasn’t. Teams were claiming players the jets released which used to be a very rare thing.
  14. This roster is a qb away from a very very good team. It’s not a gutted roster. The D was top 5 last year. Do you think about what you are typing beforehand?
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