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  1. Pass on Adams. He’ll be 29 next season and will want a boatload of money.
  2. Here’s a few guys I’m looking at in FA with their projected average salary (spotrac) Wr Christian Kirk ARI age 25 12.4 million Kirk has been playing well for the cards this year and has been productive every season he’s been in the league with 500+ yards. I have to dig more into him, but he seems to be a good fit for the scheme. The projected price tag seems high based on production. WR DJ Chark Jax age 25 11.9 million Chark has been very productive in his career. 700 yards 5 tds last year and 1k yards 8 tds in 2019. He was injured early this season which will
  3. Love this one. They changed up their ranking a lot recently
  4. AVT is currently graded higher than Quinten Nelson who by many is regarded as the best G in the entire league for what it’s worth. i haven’t watched darrisaw, but coming out he was a LT, he may or may not have switched to G I’m not sure. wilson has definitely made progress. In what world is 200+ yards with 3tds and 1 int a bad game? He’s improved his passing in short yardage. There were at least 3 drops this game also that would have added I just sat down at a restaurant so I’ll come back later
  5. This statement alone is a tell tale sign of your misery without facts schtick. AVT has been playing very well michael carter is playing very well michael carter II is playing very well bryce hall is playing very well zach Wilson made serious progress this game and looks to have a much better season than any other rookie qb besides jones if this continues. Becton played very well last season the 2020 class was during a covid year which made the scouting process extremely difficult . Entire conferences opted out of entire seasons and half sea
  6. Getting an edge, lb, safety, and CB isn’t that bad with 9 draft picks (most in the first 3 rounds) and 50+ mil
  7. I definitely think this offense is very close to being too 15 talent wise. Getting a TE or 2 is crucial. IF Zach can play like a top 15 qb next year then this offense will be doing very well. The defense on the other hand is terrible and many assets need to be put into it.
  8. What were you expecting? A playoff team? Take a look at the defense. 3/4 of the starting DL was out today. Both starting safeties are out. A rookie and 2 second year guys are the starting corners. The defense will be completely overhauled this off-season. Bring in an off ball lb, a safety like Marcus Williams or Jessie bates, and draft an outside corner and another edge. Mosley does not fit into a 4-3 but jd is handcuffed with his contract. the offense is showing signs of progress. Moore looks like a solid #2, carter will be a solid back for 3 more years. The OL is in the top half
  9. I can’t tell if this is a shtick or if you are truly this insufferable
  10. It’s great so far, has potential to be in my top 3 along with breaking bad and eastbound and down. I’m starting to really dislike aunt Janice though. She’s so annoying. Hopefully she gets whacked soon. I definitely plan on watching mad men. I read that it’s the same writers as the sopranos. Set in the 50s era corporate world which sounds interesting. I’m watching queens gambit next. I have a crush on ants Taylor joy. She’s amazing in everything I’ve seen. Last night in soho is out in theaters and 100% recommended it, one of my favorite movies of the year.
  11. He fits the Philly vibe a lot too. If he plays well I think the fan base will love him and it’ll be hard to take him out. They fell in love with “big dick nick” who doesn’t have even close to the same moxie as minshew.
  12. Watching the sopranos for the first time. Why did I wait this long?? It’s so good. On season 1 episode 8 currently. I think my favorite episode is the college one. So many great nuances to that episode. I’ve watched a fair bit of television this year and here are some of my favorites. in the dark only murders in the building flight attendant white lotus squid game American horror stories (spin off) Vice principals Superstore Silicon valley I need to watch the older hbo catalog after the sopranos. I’ve only seen carnival so f
  13. Definitely, minshew isn’t a bad qb. Maybe on par with teddy bridgwater. Hurts is probably scared minshew will take his job if he doesn’t play.
  14. Not that I can find. Both rap sheet and shefter are both saying they want to see how he’s looking today. I hope he plays
  15. He has a sprained ankle. So he wouldn’t have been doing much running and is a terrible passer. Threw 3 picks against the giants. I lived in the Philly area for a long time (thank god I moved) and have friends who are eagles fans, so I watch them whenever they aren’t on at the same time as the jets. If hurts can’t run the ball then he’s a huge liability. Hurts injured and staying in the pocket <<<< Minshew
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