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  1. He was offered to play for the alternate leagues and turned them down. Does that show that he really wanted to play?
  2. He was a bottom tier starter when he played. Decent backup 7 years ago sure. Now not playing for over half a decade will not end well for whoever signs him. Unless the point is to get attention
  3. Who was the last player worth an extension is the better question. Drafting has been terrible in the past
  4. I’ve been boycotting them for 10 years…well all newspapers really. 1 step ahead of you my man!
  5. Didn’t the bills hire the jets scout who loved Johnson to be their head of scouting?
  6. So 24 starts in 8 years prior to joining the jets is substantial to you? In college he started 2 games as a tight end and 0 as tackle in 5 years. Without a doubt he’s still developing because prior to coming into the league he barely played any football
  7. I’m not so sure about the bold part. Prior to the last 2 seasons Fant hasn’t had many starting reps at tackle. He’s been improving every year and still developing his skill set. Who knows how he would have done if he played RT last year or how he’ll do this year if that’s where he plays.
  8. It’s not even OTAs. Now if he was missing mandatory camp I’d also be concerned. Him not being there now doesn’t bother me at all. It looks like he’s working hard and in good shape. Do you want him to do well and turn out to be great? I do and if for him to stay home to support his pregnant girl and work with his trainer is what’s best in his situation then that’s on him. He’s an adult and can make his own decisions
  9. Dude it’s May. Why’s it really matter if he’s there or training with his highly touted trainer? The only ones he’s distracting are the people who are obsessed with him
  10. Becton wasn’t my OT1 that year either it was Wills. I just think it’s crazy to completely trash a guy like many have here over and over again for missing a year. It happens. It’s just that mindset that I don’t understand. Why do that when the guy showed serious promise as a rookie and has a sky high ceiling? Personally me as a FAN of this team I’m rooting for him to do well Some people just need something to bitch about I guess and they latched onto becton to do that with.
  11. So without hindsight you’d take a guy projected at g or rt with a complete unknown in fant? Wirfs also had the massive advantage of the goat qb behind him who gets the ball out insanely fast.
  12. Look up his scouting profiles. I don’t see many at all that say he’ll be an LT
  13. No there is nothing in Wirfs profile that points to him being an LT
  14. The team needed an LT. Fant was a huge question mark at that point. Why take a RT when a monster LT is sitting in your lap?
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