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  1. Is Aaron Rodgers undersized? They are the exact same size. Cmon man
  2. He looked good, but he’s played against backups. Doesn’t have a high ceiling with a very average arm and is on the older side. He’s a full year older than Zach. You’d expect him to be decent initially
  3. I watch all of salehs press conferences and everything else probably like most of you. To me it seems like the players love him. Seems like a really smart and easy to get along with guy. In todays nfl is discipline still a thing? If so that’s the only part that concerns me. Is he just a rah rah buddy guy or will he come down on guys when needed? It kinda seems like he puts that part of it on jd. We are just looking in from the outside so impossible to tell
  4. Can it just be a sprain of some sort? Please don’t let the season turn into another one of misery
  5. I couldn’t watch the game and this happens? Please tell me it’s fake news
  6. I can’t watch the game. Was the injury that bad?
  7. Search for nflbite in google. Watch any game you want for free! Has some annoying ads to click thru and sometimes buffers, but hey it’s not costing you anything
  8. Jd somehow got something for cashman!
  9. This has been proven incorrect many many times, yet it seems like people still believe it to be true. Check out this statistic based article. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/weight-and-injuries “It's possible that injuries could be more frequent in heavier players due to the greater impact forces they suffer. For example, every step a 320-pound lineman takes puts more stress on his knees and ankles than the same step for a 210-pound receiver. But it's also possible injuries could be lower for heavier players since, in general, larger body mass is associated with more stable joints and a greater ability to absorb the extra forces to which they are subject.” “The heaviest offensive linemen (more than 350 pounds) also exhibit lower injury rates than their lighter counterparts”
  10. Why is bectons career so different than Marcus maye? Maye was decent his first year, injured his second, then played well after that. Hill had very little college production. Was drafted soley on physical attributes. Becton started and played well for what 2 years? I don’t believe he started as a freshman. He only missed 1 game in college with a sprained ankle. OL is very difficult to find stats to see production, but hill had only 49 catches in 3 years.
  11. Is this even a promotion? Who even watches sny anymore. Seems like he’ll be getting less exposure if anything, but what do I know
  12. Surprised he got so much. Didn’t he say he’s not going to run the ball anymore?
  13. They loved luke kuechly. He was a 90+ for most of his career
  14. I haven’t paid much attention to him, but pff sure isn’t a fan
  15. New music keeps getting better and better. Can only imagine how good it’ll be in 10 years
  16. My entire family are Giants fans. As a kid I wanted to be different and chose the Jets. The first few years were really good with Vinny, Chad, and Mark. Then the dumpster fire began
  17. So I’ve been a big becton supporter in the past. Lately after following him on social media I’m starting to lean towards the dark side. Dude is just so immature
  18. The CB room is already so full. I wonder if Hall is getting traded
  19. Not sure if already shared here, but his Twitter says SNY and CBS now . Will be much easier to avoid him now…as long as he doesn’t do games. Please god don’t let him be a game day commenter for cbs.
  20. Oh McKinney wasn’t around 360? News to me. Do some research, he was between 353-380 during his career
  21. This is just history repeating itself and you are sucked right in. see Bryant McKinnie Every offensive lineman in the National Football League tips the scales at well over 300 pounds. Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie was at 386 pounds when he played for the Vikings last season
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