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  1. You serious? Most OL have much bigger upper bodies than lower. See Brick and Bryant McKinnie
  2. I thought Mormons don’t have sex before marriage?
  3. I really don’t think the lbs will be that bad this year. Williams should improve his coverage and awareness. The coaches seem to love him. CJ won’t have to be concerned about everyone else screwing up and can focus on his gaps/zones. It seemed like a lot of time last year he was so worried about the safeties messing up that he couldn’t jump gaps like he should do. Nas and Sherwood are in year two so should improve. Someone else was signed who looks like a decent backup (forget his name). I don’t think we should trade for anyone. Keep a close eye on camp cuts tho seems like a great idea
  4. I’m 33 and for me it’s #1 Martin #2 Chrebet #3 Mangold #4 Revis #5 Pennington
  5. Come on man. Ruckert is a very nice prospect. Lb isn’t very valuable. There’s usually only 2 on the field at once. Cj has the one spot on lock. The young guys can share reps and grow in the other. The coaching staff seem to really like Quincy and Sherwood. Nas can back them up with the other guy we brought in. Who knows a camp cut might be worth bringing in
  6. Is that even better for their careers? So many people have cut out cable. They will prob have many less eye balls on them if that’s all theyre doing
  7. I wonder where he’s going. Maybe something on tv? He sure does love the sound of his own voice
  8. It seems like edges take a few years usually to break out. I wonder if it helps that Clemons and JJ are on the older side for rookies
  9. I feel the same way. If mims can some how break out then having Moore, Wilson, mims, and berrios all on cheap contracts gives a ton of flexibility to spend on the rest of the team
  10. Agreed. I was born 20 years after that season, so I’m not really one to judge in contrast to the other guys of that era. I’ve watched the Super Bowl, but that’s it. He seemed like a really cool dude, gameplay wise tho im sure he was good, but great idk. That fitz year though. Man beating the pats was so incredibly fun. I was so amped up
  11. I bet. I saw that fitz was very close to 4K. He was around 3900, but besides him the past 20 years it’s been rough. It’s a qb friendly league now so hopefully Zach can break some records
  12. I’m just hesitant because i don’t think we’ve ever had a 4K qb (ugh) if he shows his potential then I 100% agree
  13. They definitely seem high. I see maybe 25 tds 12 ints and 3200 yards. Especially because this seems to be a run heavy offense
  14. Dan Orlovksy who is a former NFL QB among 2 other former NFL QBs have shown belief in Zach. Goodbye to the perception that “Only Jets and BYU homers” have faith in our young QB. A lot of of us see it and can’t wait for his success
  15. They aren’t allowed to describe routes, schemes, etc
  16. Dang I liked him a lot too. Usually just told it how it was with no agenda behind it unlike cimini and Hughes.
  17. This is exactly my problem with this board. There are 5ish posters who just dominate every topic with their cesspool of negativity and talk down to anyone who disagrees
  18. The only issue that I have is that when you open pretty much any thread instead of discussing things constructively is the same old tired people bringing down the moral of everyone else. Within any thread you’re bound to see becton or Zach bashing no matter the topic. Saying the coach should be fired. SOJ etc. even in the off-season when nothing is happening. there are 5ish posters who run the roost here and all others are mocked by them to no end if they don’t see the team in the same miserable light. a few have shown themselves in my replies to this thread.
  19. Please share where I told anyone to do anything…I’ll wait
  20. Unsurprisingly the 3 people who responded to me are some of the main culprits.
  21. I don’t care what you do man. Be miserable for all I care. I didn’t initially reply to you in this thread. I never told anyone to do anything. I just expressed how the current mindset of this board is exhausting (which you’ve proven)
  22. I’m not the one trying to say data>all when you can’t even substantiate your data. From the start I was going based on my opinion. You weren’t
  23. I don’t even know of the poll you’re talking about. Having a very small sample size does not correlate with data>all because you can’t have any sort of substantial conclusion if there aren’t enough subjects
  24. What’s the sample size for that? I don’t know anyone who had confidence in either gase year. also based on how many here voice their opinions it doesn’t look to be anywhere near 90% confidence this year.
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