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  1. When white was the starter he had Davis, berrios, mims, Moore. The line was mostly intact. The roster wasn’t that bad until later in the season
  2. Zach sucks no doubt, but so does white. Throw in the unknown in strev he can’t be much worse.
  3. White has somewhere in the range of a 6.8 interception %. That is atrocious. Zach is in the 2 range. For a team trying to win with D and not turning it over white is the last thing you want.
  4. Zach sucks, but so do the backups that’s the problem. Screw it throw in strev and see what happens. White is a turnover machine and doesn’t fit what the team is trying to do.
  5. This has been one of the most boring games I’ve watched. Both offenses are trash. At least the pats can run the ball. The jets can’t even get a first down. Zach has been so trash. Just take him out. You can tell the wrs are frustrated with him
  6. This is so weird. Can’t hear anything on the field. Belicheat is up to his tricks again
  7. He was probably the best blocking TE in the draft. Is a bit raw on the route running and receiving side. Had solid hands in college. Great size to be an end zone threat. There were a ton of other weapons at Ohio State so he didn’t see much action in the passing game. When called on he pulled thru tho. When I was watching him I saw him block karlaftis 1 on 1 and took him out of the play.
  8. The defense and weapons are good enough. If Zach can turn it around and become a top 15ish qb late in the season and playoffs then we have a shot. Currently with how he’s playing then no.
  9. I had Blake Bortles as my fantasy QB for a couple years. He killed it. Tons of yards and tds in garbage time. Was he good? Definitely not. Did he have alright stats? Sure he did.
  10. I blame Stephen a smith and those types were hot takes, being louder than everyone else, and arguing over dumb sh*t was the biggest draw. It ruined most sports shows. I wish they would actually go into depth about the game instead of surface level hot takes. Like ohh x qb sucks lolz and this team will win 0 games hehehe. I know people rag on pff, but the podcast is actually decent because they go into metrics and analysis.
  11. Unless I’m reading it wrong I don’t think Mosley has any cheap years. Those last 2 years you’re seeing he’s not on the team, but is still being paid. This probably happened during the restructuring this off-season. Browns contract has something similar.
  12. I’m guessing the best way is to not blitz. Instead play the lbs shallow and don’t play both safeties deep. This may open up the running lanes and chances for the deep ball
  13. I wouldn’t cut any of the players on this list who are under contract. 1. They aren’t that expensive in comparison to their peers in the position group. 2. Comp picks are a key to success in the nfl, cutting these guys will be a net return of 0 comp picks instead of letting the contract run out. The author seems to make an opinion here that I’ve never heard before. He says that Lawson high pressure rate and low sack numbers are due to “short arms”. This seems like a wild take. His last year on the bengals they were really banged up and the rest of the dl wasn’t creating much pressure, besides Lawson. If only one guy is getting in the pocket the qb can move around to avoid it. When others are involved the qb has nowhere to go which leads to sacks (see 2022 jets) Mcgovern and Fant can go. Draft a C in round 2 or 3 to start day 1. Draft another OT in the first 4 rounds to groom as a starter much like Mitchell. Brown, Becton, Mitchell can battle for the starting spots.
  14. To me it seemed like the offensive game plan was completely different which had the greatest effect on the offense. Against the pats it was more long developing plays which Zach was pressured a ton on and looked like crap. The bills was mostly short stuff. I think I read somewhere that his ttt was like 2.2 seconds that game. Massive difference. The bills never even had a chance to get to him before the ball was out.
  15. I’m looking at DT, LB, FS, and C as positions to look at in the first few rounds. None of them are considered “premium” positions, so players may fall. I think depending on the players available FS or LB are better value in the first.
  16. There’s news coming out that people were being charged $12k+ to become verified. This has been an issue for years. Shady AF. People are pissed that they spent all that money and now anyone can do it for $8 a month
  17. First time watching the manningcast. I can’t tell if I like it or not. They kind of take you out of the game a bit, but they are entertaining edit - it seems like Peyton just doesn’t like Kirk Cousins. They are a lot better now that it’s just these 2
  18. I think 2nd the AFC too. Home field advantage if this keeps up
  19. Sounds like you spend too much time on Twitter.
  20. No one brought up politics besides you
  21. Playoffs haven’t even crossed my mind in years. What a great feeling!
  22. Exactly. Only people who are in media and well known plus companies should be verified (even then who cares). The vast majority of the population have no use for it besides to pump their ego
  23. Even with differing tastes in comedy movies, moonrise kingdom is 10 years old, as are most of the coen Bros movies. I like that type of comedy as well. My main point is that there used to be multiple comedy movies out per year that were good/great. Now? Maybe one (if that) every five years. Jojo rabbit was definitely good, but I just don’t see many others. Shows are the same for me. Seinfeld is the goat imo for comedy type shows. Nothing even compares to me. That’s a 20+ year old show
  24. After a few years of success I can see lafleur getting a shot if he turns Zach around, big if
  25. Made some comments in the quote. I mostly mean straight comedy with a bunch of great laughs. Things like 40 year old virgin, old school, Superbad, wedding crashers, Adm Sandler (the good ones), etc there’s a few indie movies out there that have a few laughs and are feel good, but movies that you watch a million times and always get a kick out of? I haven’t found one of those in years.
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