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  1. So 24 starts in 8 years prior to joining the jets is substantial to you? In college he started 2 games as a tight end and 0 as tackle in 5 years. Without a doubt he’s still developing because prior to coming into the league he barely played any football
  2. I’m not so sure about the bold part. Prior to the last 2 seasons Fant hasn’t had many starting reps at tackle. He’s been improving every year and still developing his skill set. Who knows how he would have done if he played RT last year or how he’ll do this year if that’s where he plays.
  3. It’s not even OTAs. Now if he was missing mandatory camp I’d also be concerned. Him not being there now doesn’t bother me at all. It looks like he’s working hard and in good shape. Do you want him to do well and turn out to be great? I do and if for him to stay home to support his pregnant girl and work with his trainer is what’s best in his situation then that’s on him. He’s an adult and can make his own decisions
  4. Dude it’s May. Why’s it really matter if he’s there or training with his highly touted trainer? The only ones he’s distracting are the people who are obsessed with him
  5. Becton wasn’t my OT1 that year either it was Wills. I just think it’s crazy to completely trash a guy like many have here over and over again for missing a year. It happens. It’s just that mindset that I don’t understand. Why do that when the guy showed serious promise as a rookie and has a sky high ceiling? Personally me as a FAN of this team I’m rooting for him to do well Some people just need something to bitch about I guess and they latched onto becton to do that with.
  6. So without hindsight you’d take a guy projected at g or rt with a complete unknown in fant? Wirfs also had the massive advantage of the goat qb behind him who gets the ball out insanely fast.
  7. Look up his scouting profiles. I don’t see many at all that say he’ll be an LT
  8. No there is nothing in Wirfs profile that points to him being an LT
  9. The team needed an LT. Fant was a huge question mark at that point. Why take a RT when a monster LT is sitting in your lap?
  10. “Oh look I’m starting drama and think it’s hilarious come look lolz” dude no one cares
  11. Great breakdown man. They definitely should compliment each other very well even though neither have the standard #1 elite wr metrics. I haven’t really looked into how the % share of college receptions translates to nfl ability. There are so many variables in this area that for me just make it difficult. It’s different from player to player I guess. There are guys like Wilson and to an extent Jameson Williams (who had to transfer out) that were on a star studded cast where the volume wasn’t funneled to one particular guy because there were always so many options available. There’s also guys like David Bell who had fantastic production with 90+ catches and 1200+ yards last year on a team which didn’t have nearly as much star power on offense. But with someone like him he may not have the speed to translate to be a true breakout performer at the next level. I can definitely see Moore being the consistent go to guy like you mentioned and Wilson may be feared more deep and can have more explosive plays, but maybe not as much volume.
  12. I agree that Moore at least short term will be a more consistent target. He’s just so good at getting open and has very solid hands. in 2-3 years? Who knows, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilson is better. He has more physical upside, but has to grow a bit in terms of beating press and getting open on a consistent basis. His route running is good, but not on moores level. Msybe I’m crazy, but I see a young drama free AB in Moore. Now if only Mims can step up that’ll be a hell of a trio
  13. So I’ve been trying to think who is a better prospect Garrett Wilson or Elijah Moore? Wilson is a bit taller, but for me Moore is better. Super crisp route running, can find holes in zone with ease. Wilson may have a higher ceiling. I like both and hope that they become super stars. Who did you like better coming out and why?
  14. Suggs tore his Achilles twice. The first in 2012. He played for like 9 years after that . There’s a few other edges with these types of injuries and it’s different for everyone
  15. How in the world do you see the same or less wins as last year when the roster is better at pretty much every position group?
  16. The rams and bengals just went to the super bowl and the cards were a playoff team
  17. Why does 1 player dictate a gm getting fired? The cards gm wasn’t fired after Rosen failed. Rams gm wasn’t fired after Goff. The bengals have had the same gm for like 10 years after many losing seasons.
  18. Saw ambulance the other day. It was pretty good. Great pacing and action scenes Jake Ghylenhaal is so great at playing crazy. Seeing the Northman tonight. Super excited. Looks incredible Edit for update. Holy sh*t the Northman was amazing. My movie of the year so far
  19. It was so terrible. By all accounts everyone loved Knapp and some dickhead teenager playing on his phone while driving kills him Smh. Cavenaugh was let go and not replaced. Currently it’s just lafleur, calabrease, and Benton as the ol/run game coordinator. I have a feeling they really like Calabrease and will make him pass game coordinator then hire someone else as qb coach
  20. Why does everyone skip over the passing of Knapp. He was going to be the guy who mentored Zach. Doesn’t fit the agenda i guess?
  21. When so many guys getting after the qb including idl then I’m sure there will be guys who break out. I can see quinnen and Lawson having great years. I could be wrong, but it takes edge rushers a bit to really start to make a huge impact. JJ and Clemons are older so may not take them super long
  22. Love his passion. Dude has been one of the faces of jets fans since I was a kid. He brings so much energy
  23. I really don’t like that jetsboy green guy. He’s even more annoying than Connor Hughes which is very difficult to accomplish
  24. If becton and mims break out I think it’s a pretty decent draft. I can see mims having a great year.
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