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  1. I 100% have faith in Douglas, but I’m still not sure on saleh. It seems like the players love him, but he hasn’t been coaching for that long and may need some time to grow into the role
  2. This is true. I agree that it seems like there are more guys who look to be really good
  3. You never know. Tons of guys have down years and fall off. Guys also have great years and shoot up. This far out it’s impossible to tell. Like someone else said rattler was mahomes 2.0 this time last year then fell off a cliff. Hack was a sure fire #1 overall pick after his freshman year
  4. It was 13-7 by halftime and 13-10 going into the 4th. if it was a blowout (like the first game) then I’d agree
  5. I saw that Earl Thomas wants to come back. He’s been retired for 2 years and is 32 years old. This may have been much needed for him to finally get his body healthy. Imagine someone of Earl Thomas’s caliber playing with/mentoring the young guys. He knows saleh and probably won’t be that expensive
  6. I think it just depends on the structure of how they are paid. Jets X factor is a subscription based model so they are paid monthly by people for quality pieces. They don’t need clickbait bs because people are already paying for it. Guys like Hughes and cimini thrive on “becton is fat and lazy lolz” type of stuff
  7. I don’t view them similar. Polities failure was his own doing. Lazy, didn’t watch film, didn’t seem to want it. I don’t know much about this Clemons guy, but relentless hustle seems to be his calling card
  8. Oh good there’s another doom making videos instead of just posting where it’s easy and quick to read
  9. You could say that about the first bills game too. It was 17-3 at halftime and 38-3 going into the 4th. The week 18 one was at least competitive.
  10. The 2nd quarter is not garbage time
  11. Yet somehow Zach threw 0 ints against the bills with all of his wrs out?
  12. Benching white because he sucks is not babying Zach. Teams weren’t even interested in white for a 5th round pick Maybe the coaching staff didn’t want another stinker like the 4 int bills game against the dolphins?
  13. Is that a typo saying the one guy was part of the 2015 recruiting class? How old is he? 25?
  14. I wonder if the lower property crime has to do with more people likely renting vs owning in nyc. Living in big buildings might be safer than houses by themselves who knows
  15. More so in the body control aspect. They both position themselves to make catches very well even though they aren’t that tall. If you watch Wilson’s college tape he’s constantly jumping up and positioning himself great to make catches much like diggs. Sometimes however Wilson jumps when he doesn’t need to which can hinder YAC. I’m sure that’s correctable though
  16. Esp with 2/3 good TEs and 2 good rbs. It’s all on Zach now. Hopefully he can take a huge step forward. He has all the weapons and solid ol to make his life easy now.
  17. I love it! I get kind of crazy with mock drafts, looking into potential draftees etc. This year turned out way different than I was expecting. Sauce - Love it. I read something saying that he brings a ton of energy to the locker room. It was night and day when he’s there and not. Makes everyone better around him. Lives and breathes football. Elite talent by earning it. Nothing was given to him. Worked his ass off to get where he’s at. This is fantastic for me. Hard working dude who makes everyone around him great. Garrett Wilson - Was my #2 WR behind London. This dude has so much potential. I saw a comp of Stephon Diggs which seems on point. Not the biggest guy, but plays bigger than he is. Fast enough and has a winning mentality. JJ - Started in juco. Worked his ass off to make it where he is now. Elite athleticism and a strong work ethic. A bit older, which imo isn’t a bad thing. He’s a more well rounded edge than a lot of the other guys. Hall - I didn’t do a ton of research on him, but by all accounts he’s a great fit for the O. Sign me up for a solid 1-2 punch with carter. Ruckert - I love that he’s a Jersey/NY guy. He was used as a blocker a ton in college. Grinder every year and was clutch in the playoffs making much needed catches. Seems very similar to Kittle in the draft process. Mitchell - Athletic tackle who has potential to be a solid starter in a year or 2. Needs to add 10ish lbs imo. Moves very well for a big man. Clemons - No idea about this guy . Seems ok but I have no clue Overall I really liked this draft. I would have swapped the Hall pick for a DT/LB/S with the Clemons one and taken a rb then, but besides that I really like it. Should have 4 day 1 starters which is way more than expected out of a draft.
  18. Lol these posts are great. I also moved down south like others. Having guns isn’t a bad thing whatsoever. If more people had guns in their houses/ cars and knew how to use them then the skyrocketing crime in nyc (up 50% this year alone) would drop dramatically. If criminals actually had fear instead of confidence that the homeowner would be unarmed and unable to defend themselves and their family then it would be a totally different story
  19. Idk I like Mitchell a lot. Can see him being a starter next year if fant or becton don’t work out
  20. I like him a lot too. Seems like he should add another 10 lbs or so
  21. Mitchell nice! He’s rawish and light. Can see him being starter quality in a year or 2
  22. I guess it matters how you feel about mims and Davis. They are both taller. Wilson is almost 6’ so he’s not short. Moore and Berrios are the only short guys. Plus we have all these tall tes for the red zone
  23. Would taking Calvin Austin be overkill? He’s a vastly superior athlete to Berrios and will be very cheap for 4 years. Austin Winfrey Kinnard McKinley Walker Mitchell Are the guys I’m looking at. There’s a bunch of solid depth/fringe starters left on the board
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