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  1. I think worse than his poor drafting was his inexcusable free agent ineptitude. He forced another rebuild signing a FA like bell is idiotic when you haven’t drafted OL in years. Giving tru a huge payday when he didn’t deserve it and didn’t have any heart. The cap hell in general decimated the future of the team. Pair that with neglecting the OL for his entire tenure while drafting DT over and over and over again. He really screwed us
  2. Cum on man sperm jokes are nut funny
  3. Cole too. Can’t think of anyone else to trade besides them.
  4. I like the optimism man. Dark days are ahead. I’m mainly focusing on college ball now to suppress my jets depression
  5. I started with parcells and herm. It’s been ROUGH minus a few years. This just feels completely different than most of those teams. The gm is building for the future instead of trying to buy a team. Idzik had the right idea but was absolutely terrible at drafting. I’m forced to self deprecate while mentioning my jets fandom. It shouldn’t be like that. The pedigrees of everyone in charge is vastly superior to the guys we’ve had before minus parcells
  6. If you have the stomach to rewatch the games the play calling has been decent. Not good and not bad. Zach has been very very bad making reads while inside the pocket. He has guys open on nearly every play, but just doesn’t throw it. He waits for certain guys to GET open instead of throwing to guys who ARE open.
  7. A 6’9 400lb guard?? He’d get wrecked in this scheme. The average guard on the 9ers was around 6’3 300. They need to be athletic to pull and move guys in space.
  8. Rex lost to the pats 19-47 in 2012. Maybe he blocked that one out
  9. Exactly I’m not buying anything jets related all year and I’m not watching until Zach comes back
  10. I wasn’t talking about my spirit
  11. Exactly, maybe I’m too optimistic but meh. This is Joe’s roster now and has tons of ammo coming up to overhaul it.
  12. This really perked me up. Thanks dude
  13. I don’t think 8ish wins is out of the question for next year assuming Zach turns into an average qb with drastic improvements from trades/fa/draft
  14. I know this really sucks guys. I know it’s been a decade since we’ve been good. I hate being embarrassed wearing jets gear in public too. Looking at this team without being emotional is hard, but please just give me a few minutes. In the past they have always patched a team together with no plan for the future (Marshall,fitz, bell etc). Losing all the time is very hard, but this team doesn’t have vets like Rex did when he took over. the trash heap mac left is finally almost gone. Still have dead cap from tru and bell, but that will clear up in the off-season. There are rookies/2nd year guys getting valuable reps all over the field. The same goes for the coaching staff. They are learning and taking bumps (too many atm) every day. Take a peek at the trades joe made and you’ll see most are for the 2022 draft. COVID reduced the number of draft eligible players by a significant amount and lots of guys didn’t play their jr or sr season plus no combine made it hard to scout during these uncertain times. Joe was very smart by acquiring picks for 22 instead of 21 because of this. Assuming a fire sale incoming and there will be 13ish picks coming up. That is far too many for players to get time on the field. There is going to be a trade coming up like what the bills did with diggs. Next year is when joe will stop being stingy and be more aggressive. The roster needed to be evaluated because there were unknown commodities everywhere you looked. With all those picks and a ton of space this will be a completely new team with young guys who have actual playing experience on very cheap deals. If we suck next year then I will raise the pitchforks with you, but I honestly don’t see it happening.
  15. Yea missing on all those corners late who are starting is really hurting the team smh. Moore has constantly been open. The offensive issues lie with Zach not making the correct reads. It’s hard to evaluate the Offensive players when they are constantly going 3 and out. This upcoming offseason is where most of the picks joe acquired are coming in. I know this sucks but this was not a team that was going to win a lot this year unless Zach played lights out. About half the starters are rookies/2nd year guys. Assuming a fire sale coming up there’s going to be 12 or 13 picks in this draft. That’s 2 drafts in 1. There’s no possible way for most of those guys to get playing time. I can see a big trade coming this off-season like the bills did with diggs. Maybe trade up back into the 1st to make it 3 picks. Joes drafts have been fine. It seems like a lot of fans expect 100% hits which is insanely. Joe has been above average so far. It def hurts that he was drafting for gases system in 2020 (Morgan, Perine). Yes tearing everything down and starting fresh which this team has never done before is going to be ugly.
  16. I kind of understand the lack of intensity this year because they are installing new systems on both sides of the ball with a bunch of guys new to the league. Take it slow to have them fully understand it. That may just be the green glasses however
  17. This just seems like the new wave of coaching. No more yelling at guys like parcells used to do. Just hope and pray that these guys take their jobs seriously without any fear of being benched or cut.
  18. Hopefullly this is a wake up call to the coaches to get their heads out of their asses. What they have been doing has not been working and they need to correct it. This may also help Zach from seeing things on the outside and if anything white can hit the check downs unlike Zach.
  19. I’m thinking that we’ll 100% be in the top 2 picks. I watch red zone along with the jets and the jags and lions look way better than we do even with Zach plus our schedule is getting harder
  20. Linderbaum and ekwanu are equal right now and one of them can be traded for in the 20s most likely
  21. I like linderbaum a lot too, but McGovern has been our best lineman. It’s not a massive need atm. Taking a guard will be just as helpful esp with someone like ekwanu who is a monster. Also who knows linderbaum might fall to the 20s. Centers always do. I can’t think of a center taken in the top 15. Taking someone like karlaftis with that pick will pay massive dividends because this d relies on pass rush so much. If neal can be selected with the first pick can you even imagine becton/neal, avt, McGovern, ekwanu, becton/neal. That’s a beast of a line. Pair that with Lawson, quinnen, jfm, and karlaftis. Holy hell
  22. You know pitts was drafted way before Moore right?
  23. Stingly has some serious red flags that I’d avoid early. He hasn’t been good since his freshman year. He’s hurt this year so we can’t watch him. I’m hoping neal is available for the first pick. It’s almost unheard of to take a center in the top 10. Take an edge there instead. There are a few available. If linderbaum or ekwanu fall to the 20s then trade up for them. LB needs to be addressed in the worst way. See all those screens that constantly go for a first? That’s usually on them . There’s a few good ones that will be avail in the 2nd. Take one of them or a safety. There’s also a ton of cap space to sign guys. We also have way too many picks so I see a trade coming for either a player or a future pick
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