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  1. I guess it matters how you feel about mims and Davis. They are both taller. Wilson is almost 6’ so he’s not short. Moore and Berrios are the only short guys. Plus we have all these tall tes for the red zone
  2. Would taking Calvin Austin be overkill? He’s a vastly superior athlete to Berrios and will be very cheap for 4 years. Austin Winfrey Kinnard McKinley Walker Mitchell Are the guys I’m looking at. There’s a bunch of solid depth/fringe starters left on the board
  3. Right. Why take a falling knife like Rodgers when you can draft darnold and Sanchez early!
  4. You seem bitter. It’s ok man. It’s a beautiful day today. Go get some fresh air. I’m having a great time
  5. Karlaftis was supposed to be a top 10 pick a month ago then continued to drop rapidly. Hence why he was being mocked in the later picks I like both JJ and Karlaftis and would have liked both. I just think it’s funny how you said you don’t want to catch a guy who was falling then took karlaftis.
  6. I agree with this. If the tag is only 18 mil then there’s no need to make a longer term deal at that price. Unless it can be structured team friendly something like a 4 year deal at 12 14 18 22 with the last year being cuttable
  7. “I don’t like catching a falling knife” Then proceeds to take karlaftis who fell to the late 1st
  8. If he wants 18 mil then bye bye. He’s good but not great
  9. I love how this draft is shaping up. They are still rookies though. I’ll be happy with a 8-9 win season and the season not being dead by Halloween. Hoping for a possible wild card push this year and a deep playoff run in 2023
  10. Yea I’m guessing ol and lb/s with the next 2
  11. I thought Allen was good? I don’t watch them at all, but he had like 10 sacks 1 year no?
  12. Wtf are the jags doing with these lbs. Lloyd, Muma, Walker plus they sign a guy for a huge contract
  13. I haven’t been watching. Muma, dean, Asamoah, Travis jones still around?
  14. I hope so! I haven’t watched much of him because I don’t value rbs. I’ve viewed ol=running production, but if he’s a stud then sign me up
  15. 100% agree. Lb is like the rb of the defense, unless they are a pass rusher
  16. I understand and like it tho. On offense there’s not many holes, but a true stud rb was one. I haven’t looked into him much, but it seemed like he was the consensus best rb. You prob have done more research than I have. You think he’s maybe on par with guys like jamar Williams?
  17. Eh we run a lot of 2lb. Breece hall tho. I like it
  18. Jones is a monster and jfm + quinnnens deals are almost up
  19. Man I suck at these picks. let’s go with Travis jones to the titans
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