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  1. He’s the only guy who has legit nfl starting experience. Cutting him would be a terrible idea. He’s a good ear for Zach also.
  2. Don’t believe so. He was just inactive last week
  3. Is Nas on the practice squad? I have hopes that dude will be good. He was a tackling machine in college with solid athleticism
  4. I’m not debating that, the stat in general is kind of trash. If he just sat there taking sacks instead of avoiding them and throwing it away then it would be much lower. it does help show the guys who get it out quick. In that way it is definitely useful, but there are nuances just like everything else
  5. I’m a semi Zach skeptic, but this time to throw stat is deceiving. He’s constantly creating extra time by running around the pocket avoiding sacks. He doesn’t do anything with the extra time, but he’s the one creating the time, not the line. There is a huge difference between the line having a clean pocket for 3+ seconds and him running around like a madman
  6. I meant more along the lines that he traded all the picks after the 4th round last year so he doesn’t see much value out of them Vs undrafted rookies
  7. Makes sense he’s making 2.7 this year so like 1 gets rolled over too then right?
  8. JD does seem to value 4th rounders much more than 5th. Max and Clemons were both taken in the 4th. The 5th+ tend to be special teams players and guys who need lots of time to develop or injury concern guys
  9. My guess is that it’s more about the $. Q needs to get paid and this trade frees up 6+ mil next year. He was also a luxury since the edge room is so deep. More reps for the other guys now
  10. More playing time for JJ I guess
  11. Ridley will be 0 help this year anyways since he’s suspended. Who knows maybe Moore will shape up or trade him for a 2nd and bring in another rookie wr on a cheap deal. Wrs tend to play well from the get go
  12. I wouldn’t. Ridley is on his 5th year option. 11 mil then will get paid. Hasn’t played all year. He came out pretty old, he’ll be 28 at the start of the season and 29 at the end of it. Paying a 29 year old what 20 mil a year who hasn’t proven to be a #1? No thanks Moore is young and cheap
  13. I’m not sure. It depends on how the phins cap is looking. Chubb will get massive $$. This makes sense if they are trying to win now. Are they good enough for that? Personally I don’t think so
  14. Idk man, if Zach continues to struggle having an extra 2nd could help with moving up to grab a qb if needed
  15. Is it? He had Davis, Moore, berrios, carter. There are 2 more TEs and Wilson. Besides that it’s the same. Maybe no Moore if he gets traded. Same with Davis if he’s still hurt. I don’t remember the OL from that game last year, but the current group is probably worse.
  16. JFM and Lawson can both be cut next year with little dead cap. Chubb is really good. Trading for a 1st? That I’m not so sure about.,he is definitely better than Lawson, but at what cost? He’ll get a huge deal and a high pick. We already have a 1st round pick at edge in JJ. This trade won’t really make sense to me unless it’s for players instead of a 1st. Maybe JD will trade Lawson and JFM next year? If so then that would make sense
  17. I’m interpreting the situation differently. To me this says that a team may be trading for Flacco this week which is why White was the backup. White will remain the backup for the rest of the season with Strev qb3. The team needs to know if Zach is it or not. He has to play the remainder of the season. If he sucks then bye bye. White is not the long term answer. His int % is very high paired with a sub par arm.
  18. Started watching after halftime. Brady is looking washed. It’s funny that he ruined his marriage for a losing final season where he looks sub average
  19. He’s not turning the ball over like what has been the issue with most other Jets QBs. He’s also been pretty good in the 4th quarter which is the best time to play well
  20. When I saw the play it didn’t scream acl to me. I always thought those were mostly non contact injuries. He seemed fine through the play and got hit by a few guys. I was thinking bruise or something of that sort. Could be wrong though
  21. What exactly were you guys expecting this week? I knew from the start it was going to be a low scoring grind it out kind of game. The broncos have the best D in the league.
  22. Agree, can’t even come on here to enjoy a win for a few days without endless negativity. Don’t have the energy to argue with the doomers while the team is winning.
  23. I get out of work to this after feeling so great about the team? Can’t we just be happy???
  24. Man, this thread was unexpectedly feisty
  25. I told @Joe W. Namath Months ago that I loved his posts. No receipts needed here unless you feel like digging. Had faith this entire time. @Warfishwas questioning me when I said 7 wins was possible if not probable a few weeks ago also. Around this time I’m starting to gear up for researching draft prospects so this is great. Went to the game today and the vibe was totally different. Go Jets
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