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  1. I wonder if people leaving ny/nj the past couple years has anything to do with it? The team being a joke for 10 years doesn’t help either
  2. His time to throw was way too long today. The average is right around 2.5 seconds. He has that the majority of the time today. Was the ol great? No they weren’t, but they were definitely not the reason for a mess that was the offense. This falls squarely on Flacco and lafleur
  3. There’s an obvious correlation which seems to escape you. To make it very very basic - bad qb makes ol look bad
  4. The LT is the same as last year, Pro bowl lg, average center and same as last year, top 15 pick rg, rookie rt. This type of OL is completely fine most teams don’t even have a line this decent. Flacco made the ol look way worse than it was. He’s a statue and held the ball for far too long. You saying the ol is in shambles is ridiculous. Do you watch other teams? If you did you would know they aren’t that bad. The qb has a huge effect on how the ol looks
  5. Idk I believe this is due so many moving pieces. Lots of first/second year guys starting. Hopefully it will iron itself out soon. Tired of losing
  6. Hall with a fumble ?? Right when it was starting to go ok edit wrong guy at first
  7. The bills played a 3rd round rookie last year all year at rt. We’re they in shambles?
  8. How am I wrong? The only position playing a backup is one of the tackle spots
  9. Dang you guy are like my ex girlfriend. 1 small thing happens and it’s the end of the world. The starting LT from last year is playing, we have a new pro bowl lg, the center is average and same as last year, a top 15 pick at rg, and the one ? Is Rt yet the team is falling apart.
  10. “Every qb sucked against the bills” this isn’t true at all. Sure most weren’t “good” but there’s a big difference between being complete ass like white was and someone like Big Ben throwing for 200 1 td and 0 ints.
  11. Nice! I was there too. Walking in it was prob 50/50 which is nuts
  12. I heard there’s a pretty big group in the Charlotte area
  13. I’m not sure how good this would be. Maybe a 3rd would be cool with me. IF Mims can break out (big if) then it might work out. Gets the other guys more reps. Zach seems to love Davis though
  14. Ah wish you guys were closer. I’m in Greenville nc and that’s over an hour and a half
  15. Maybe they are just pushing out his return date. With all the blowback about the becton timetable I wouldn’t be suprised. Say if it’s really 2 weeks, but if he needs another one then it won’t blow up
  16. I’d say saleh. The talent seems to be there. Can they coach up the young guys?
  17. How much more time should JD have? Hmm 25 years sounds good.
  18. Eh I think sermon will bust. He just doesn’t seem like an nfl rb to me. When I was watching him pre draft he was very stiff and only ran thru wide open holes. He ran standing straight up with very little agility. Not a huge fan of Johnson either, but he’s a lot more agile and can make better cuts.
  19. Davis can be cut next year if mims breaks out. Having 3 young studs at wr would be a dream come true
  20. Yea I agree that he would have been the best jets qb since maybe Pennington. Hopefully the tides turn this year
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