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  1. Evidence to support the notion that these are two very effective coaches. 49ers are a mess. Saleh ran the defense and LaFleur was the passing game coordinator.
  2. The OL has actually been pretty good in pass protection outside of week 1. A lot of the sacks and hits Wilson has take is more due to him being a rookie. The biggest issues on offense (outside of ZWs rookie struggles) has been the running game. It is really important to be able to run the ball in this offense and the Jets haven’t been able to thus far.
  3. Watson will absolutely play again (look at Vick), but acquiring him right now is far too risky without knowing how this will play out in the courts. At this point nobody knows what the fallout will be and what kind of stuff will leak.
  4. Coach LaFleur has been trying to establish the run game early in these games. Unfortunately outside of week 2 (when Zach had his meltdown) it hasn’t worked. I think the missing piece of this offense is a legit TE who can scare the defense. When the Jets run these heavy two TE sets the D are keying on the run.
  5. The Jets by count have scored 9 TDs this year. 3 of them have come from Zach Wilson throwing bombs on roll outs (1 to Corey Davis and 2 PIs). There was also another one he hit in the TN game that got the Jets offense rolling. My point: replace Zach Wilson with Mac Jones and the Jets are still likely 1-5 (probably 0-6). This offense isn’t capable of consistently executing 15 play drives without making a mistake. The best chance they have of scoring is hitting a big play.
  6. The only game they won was because ZW hit a few deep shots down the field. Keep in mind in every game this year the Jets have been down double digits pretty early on. It’s not easy to play QB that way. Fans are being way too hard on this kid five games into his career.
  7. The whole point of this season is to let Wilson learn so he will be prepared next season. The kid is undoubtedly going to start next season. You don’t invest the 2nd overall pick on a player only to dump him after one season.
  8. I’m not sure how any owner can OK a deal for Watson at this point. He could still be indicted and is facing 20+ civil suits for sexual abuse of women. He is a PR nightmare in the making an billionaire owners are typically risk averse.
  9. Coach Saleh will have their attention this week. Good coaches get blown out. Good coaches get their teams to respond.
  10. The Bengals are walking into a buzzsaw on Sunday. CJ Mosley, Coach Saleh, and Coach Ulbrich will have the defense running around and playing out of its mind. On offense Mike White will have a full week to practice with the starters. He will stay in the pocket better than Zach and allow the genius of Mike LaFleur to transpire on the field. The Bengals are a young team that are still learning how to win. The Jets will teach them a lesson that you need to bring it every week in this league. #AGNB!!
  11. Rex’s teams were awful coming off a bye
  12. Saleh won’t let that happen. Mosley will be back as well.
  13. I’ll give Geno credit-he has definitely improved. Doesn’t seem like a turnover machine anymore.
  14. That’s what Denzel will look like with Joe throwing to him.
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