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-2 Off To A Bad Start
  1. Jewish, thinks football is soccer.
  2. Jets seem to rush/put unreal expectations on their drafted QB's and the coaching has been the worst in the NFL. Add to that WR's of dubious talent.....
  3. good spot for the Jets, IMHO... Bills looking ragged, Jets showing some life offensively/ granted, johnson had garbage time points, but, the play calling was way better than it has been. IF, I said, IF, offense plays as good as it has last 2 weeks and Bills offense(which is nothing to write home about) still ragged, then Jets are in this game to the finish. Would love some LONG PASSES for a change, might even help the short sh*t that's been prevalent, but effective, work that much better.
  4. Mims hasn't learned to catch the ball w/ his HANDS, not w/ chest/ shoulder pads. Only partly Saleh/Jets' coaching fault.
  5. White's a DCowboys castoff, are we to believe this is the QB of the NYJ future?
  6. White keeps it until the NYJ come back to Earth, or, Mama Wilson takes to Twitter to condemn the heathen NY press. Could be very soon.
  7. Bledsoe, HOF material and the GOAT -ZERO comparison in terms of EVERYTHING QB.
  8. Maxman

    Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  9. FIRE SALAH NOW # HASHTAG FIRE SLAEH NOW. This dude is Gase w/ a muslim name, no difference. Has no idea of offense and the defense was already good. Wilson has regressed from Pre season (nevermind College) Zac has taken more steps backwards in a month than his whole life. WE/JETS are wasting our time w/ Saleh... Douglass, eh, he's 50/50, but not the problem on the field, SALEH is. NO CLUE offensively. Just watch "his" play calling, there's no plan, it's like we played 2 hand touch in the streets - we'd draw up a play on the spot, just like the jets. FIRE SALEH and HIRE SEAN PAYTON ...SOMEHOW!!!
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