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  1. or they aren't putting the maximum effort play after play.
  2. Saleh definitely deserves his share of blame too. This is HIS system and he should get more involved with D considering opposing offenses are putting up historic #s and nothing Ulbrich tries works.
  3. It's actually 30 subs as of now. I just started a couple of months ago. Check out Lets Talk Jets Radio, they've been called the "most negative Jets show on YT" and they have 8k subs. Your point has no merit. Just because I'm a Jet fan doesn't mean I'm going to blindly post homeristic bullsh*t just to make people like you happy. I call it like I see it. This team is 3-9 there isn't much to be positive about anyway.
  4. I'll post a positive video when they do positive things. I was positive about Zach and the O in this video. I don't post negative stuff just for the sake of being negative.
  5. A bad performance!? How about an entire year of atrocious performances. If the coaches are still trying to preach discipline at this point then there is a BIG problem.
  6. He should have been fired after the Patriots game (Colts game the very latest)
  7. Here is my postmortem for this game! Jeff Ulbrich must go! If he isn't gone within the next 24 hours, there is a serious problem with Saleh's leadership! Eagles 33 Jets 18 | Jeff Ulbrich MUST GO!
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