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  1. I've got a video on deck tomorrow, find me on YT.
  2. No problem man. This will be the last one.
  3. I want the Jets to succeed as badly as you do, but since it's the off-season lets enjoy the comedy that Tua has brought us. Isn't it nice that's it's someone other than the Jets (even sweeter since it's one of our most hated rivals) that's is the butt of jokes!?
  4. Those will come starting in September. Be patient.
  5. What's wrong with that! It's hilarious! Don't you like seeing rival fan bases completely lose it? Isn't what Jets fans want?
  6. Ever since I posted this video 4 days ago on my YouTube channel mocking the Dolphins and Tua's absolutely pathetic throw in practice to a clearly stationary Tyreek Hill, I've been getting A LOT of angry, hateful, personal attacks from Dolphin fans in the comments. Now I don't care one bit what they have to say as a matter fact it's quite hilarious and pathetic really and it shows that they have no answer or comeback to try and defend Tua. Dolphin fans are SHOOK! I felt the collective icy shiver that went down their back as soon as they saw that pathetic display from Tua. They've been humiliated and now all they can do is lash out! It's glorious! Now I can't copy and paste what they said on this site but here is the link to the video so you guys can check the comments for yourselves! It's hilarious and pathetic! LMAO! Enjoy!
  7. The AFC now is what the NFC was in the 80's and most of the 90s.
  8. I found ESPN's link on the story. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/33888526/mississippi-department-human-services-sues-brett-favre-others-welfare-misspending
  9. I blame him solely for the fact we didn't get a chip between 08-10. He will never be forgiven by me.
  10. This is a new low even for him! I always hated him on the field and always felt he's the most overrated player and biggest choke artist in history. After the Jen Sterger incident is really what sealed it for me that not only is he a me first premadonna but he is a horrible human being too. Do you have the link for this article? I'm probably going to make a video on it, don't know if I can stop myself from cussing but I'll try just to get put up here.
  11. The same Twitter source says that we will play in Miami on Week 18.
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