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  1. Shame on thee! @T0mShane @playtowinthegame @Greenbloodblitz Not even @Joe W. Namath has reached this low.
  2. JD had more success trading up (AVT) than trading down on day one picks. He should stay put on April 2022 since we are getting two high picks regardless.
  3. " I am the best in the nation"- Jamie "Dawg" Adams.
  4. Was anyone paying attention to this barking midget?
  5. If you are a true Jets fan, you would have started reading JN threads before this unknown reddit BS.
  6. Mac Jones' situation is better than Zach's by a wide margin. Mac is at least 2 years ahead of Zach at the moment Next year will be the story teller for Wilson.
  7. Have you heard of bittersweet? That's a good description of it, a victory but an unimpressive performance by the face of the franchise.
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