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  1. In fact, there were almost no covid-related deaths at all in Australia prior to the launch of the “vaccines.” There was a small peak in the fall of 2020 followed by a precipitous drop back to baselines levels, followed by a massive peak once people started getting injected. Interestingly, the booster shot campaign was followed by another massive spike and peak, which will more than likely be followed by continued increases in the death count as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) and other jab-induced health conditions take their toll.
  2. Examining five prospects most likely to make it on Rangers roster https://nypost.com/2022/08/04/examining-five-prospects-most-likely-to-make-it-on-rangers-roster/
  3. Over 96% of the adult population of Australia is fully vaccinated—more than 70% are boosted—and yet they just set a new record for COVID deaths.
  4. Well-rounded Americans. cc: @The Crusher
  5. Gretzky, Lemieux, Béliveau, Messier, Esposito
  6. Resurgent Denzel Mims is the star of NY Jets training camp Day 1 A standout Denzel Mims, a red-hot Jets offense, and the first steps of the Becton-Fant duel; here is what went down on Day 1 of NY Jets camp. https://jetsxfactor-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/jetsxfactor.com/2022/07/27/denzel-mims-offense-ny-jets-camp-day-1/
  7. Hopefully they can get the Motte back.
  8. When do we get the color rush wool jerseys?
  9. Guess Who’s Back...Back Again Vitali Kravtsov arrives in NYC well ahead of NYR Training Camp https://www.blueshirtbanter.com/2022/7/19/23270756/guess-whos-back-back-again
  10. You really have to like what the Rangers are doing. They emerged from the rebuild, won 2 7 game series and came 2 wins shy of a trip to the finals, in their 1st playoff appearance. It won't be easy, but with the addition of VinNY this team could definitely take a step forward. This is a good roster... Forwards S. Blais J. Brodzinski R. Carpenter F. Chytil J. Gauthier T. Gettinger (probably gone) B. Goodrow (A) D. Hunt K. Kakko C. Kreider (A) A. Lafrenière A. Panarin (A) R. Reaves V. Trocheck M. Zibanejad (A) Defense A. Fox L. Hajek Z. Jones R. Lindgren N. Lundkvist K. Miller B. Schneider J. Tinordi J. Trouba (A) Goalies L. Domingue J. Halak I. Shesterkin Plus We still have Kravtsov and Othmann, and maybe even 1 of the 2 top picks from this year's draft could crack the lineup. (Sykora, McConnell)
  11. Yup and he's better than Rooney. Good depth center.
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