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  1. I didn’t read it? Please? I’m diabetic and enjoy posting on this forum.
  2. I will stop starting threads if I could have a second chance
  3. Might be worth setting up a meeting with Saleh and Douglas to cultivate a plan. Expectations need to be that Wilson will play when healthy. This is an evaluation year and Wilson needs reps.
  4. What about those throws in the Titans game? Kid can ball.
  5. Because most Jets fans are already convinced ZW is a bust. It’s Post Darnold PTSD
  6. This is bad news. Zach is our franchise QB not Mike White.
  7. The Jets also have $40MM worth of players on IR. Mostly defense.
  8. Saleh and Ulbrich are brilliant defensive minds. They will clean this up.
  9. Explains why he was so bad on Sunday. Feel bad for the kid-obviously trying to play through it.
  10. The names: Mark Sanchez Geno Smith Christian Hackenberg Sam Darnold Zach Wilson Similarities: All these kids had talent, but were very raw. Sanchez didn’t have many college starts, Geno played in a gimmicky college offense, Hackenberg was a total reclamation project, Sam was one of the youngest QBs ever drafted, and Zach came from mid major program. Fast risers: Sanchez and Wilson were similar in this regard. Both weren’t really on anyone’s radar heading into the season, but had big seasons and were able to climb up draft boards as a result. They also both aced the pre-draft process and their agents did a great job hyping them up through the media. Fallers: Conversely at one point in time Geno Smith, Christian Hackenberg, and Sam Darnold were considered potential #1 overall picks. Hackenberg and Darnolds stock was at its pinnacle after their superb freshman season. Geno turned in a great first half of the season at WVU in 2012 and was mocked at the top of the draft as well. All three of these kids entered the NFL on a down-note and their stock took a big hit a result. Geno faded down the stretch that year, Hackenberg was terrible his last two seasons at PSU, and Darnold turned in a bad sophomore season and was exposed during his bowl game vs OSU.
  11. I feel like it’s the only situation ever where the journeyman backup is more popular amongst the fans than the 2nd overall pick. Is it Darnold recency bias? Is it the fact that ZW made a few bad throws early in his career? I’m concerned if White is successful it might hurt Zachs feeling and in turn hurt his development.
  12. Why do you guys think he couldn’t be a good NFL starting QB? What traits/characteristics does he lack? One red flag for me after the draft was the fact that both Cleveland and the NYG (needed QBs) and passed on him.
  13. Absolutely. Jets fans were never fair to the guy. Not saying he was a great coach, but hated the personal attacks. The guy has a wife and kids.
  14. I found that strange as well. I don’t think the Jets had any intention of picking up that option.
  15. Yep except I think he’s a worse player now than he was as a rookie. That’s where the Jets deserve some blame. As a rookie he showed some promise. Remember when he went toe to toe with Rodgers and Watson and held his own?
  16. Man. The Raiders miss a 25 yd field goal. They always seem to play terribly in New York.
  17. Maybe he never would have materialized to anything, but the Jets certainly played a part in his regression. He looked like a promising player after his rookie season. What do you think happened?
  18. Who cares if Joe Flacco signs with another team? He’s not part of the future either. At this point I’d say JJ is probably a better fit given he’s had all off-season to work in this offense.
  19. They can’t protect both he and Flacco.
  20. Tend to agree here. You can argue having Flacco on the roster could be good for Wilson, but now that they hired Beck that argument is a wash.
  21. It’s a pretty easy decision to play White here IMO. Buffalo has the best defense in the NFL-it’s pretty likely both QBs will struggle a bit.
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