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  1. I think the Jets need to evaluate White for a few games before going back to Wilson. If he starts next week and sh*ts the bed the crowd is going to be booing him hard. Tough spot for a young player. 

    Best course of action is to let White play himself in or out of the job. If White keeps playing well and doesn’t give up the job this season then the Jets have a good problem to have. 

  2. Just now, Mogglez said:

    This year?  Honestly, no, it didn’t matter.  This year was about playing the young kids, for better or worse, getting them reps, and seeing who shows promise and who needs to be replaced.  If you expected anything otherwise, that’s on you because the actions (and even some of the words) of this team spoke volumes about what to expect this year.

    Yes, but this defensive system is really bad. It’s non competitive football. 

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