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  1. Even tho the dolphins won yesterday that performance by Tua, if I’m a dolphins fan, it makes me want Watson more Tua is not that good. The ball sails on him, he checks down a lot and he’s not a great athlete. The dolphins should have blown us out
  2. Suddenly he’s Bill Cosby Where are the indictments?
  3. The snobs said the same thing 4 years ago when Macagnan obviously had no clue. It was a “true rebuild”
  4. Our offensive line is not that bad. The defense lacks any discernible talent in the secondary and at LB. we can’t cover anyone. Our DL players like QW don’t fit Saleh’s 4-3. If Tua wasn’t an overhyped semi-bust he puts up a 45 spot on us yesterday
  5. JD has had 2 full offseasons and if we don’t win another game this season which is a possibility he would have a 4-29 record as GM Blame Darnold all u want
  6. We haven’t had a legit edge rusher in over 15 years we are drafting Thibodeaux just no more bs fluke wins
  7. The tank was on after Zach Wilson lost to Darnold
  8. White absolutely could have started yesterday and it would have had zero impact on opportunities for Wilson to play This franchise is lost.
  9. No it’s the “Flacco needs to be here for a full season to assistant coach Zach”
  10. We are 4-22 in the past 2 seasons yet our head coaches and GM have all kinds of excuses made for them
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