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  1. Well said and Elijah Moore and Garrett Wilson have 10 career TD Receptions…only 1 of which was thrown by Zach Wilson. — Evan Roberts (@EvanRobertsWFAN) November 29, 2022
  2. Well did you ever consider that they were able to open up the entire play book because they were not limited because of the QB
  3. From your lips to God's ears! make the change coach and don't Jerk us around.
  4. AAAAAAAAAAAA, its obivious to about 99% of anyone who knows FB, he is not the answer and yes, next man up and draft and sign someone next year. That is what you do if you want to at least make an attempt to get to the PO. Oh yea, and possibily save the LR and maybe the culture your trying to build....
  5. Amen, what the hell. This coupled with his consistent poor play and attitude is - by all accounts today - negatively affecting the LR. If they do not bench this stiff and try to salavage the season, then IMHO the FO and CS are part of the problem and not the solution.
  6. MY hope, what little is left, is that they will bench Zack and play White. I do not believe that White is the answer but frankly at this point, anything is better then ZW esp. since his commets have had a deleterious affet on the locker room.
  7. Indeed, the players see it and so do other coaches. HC better wake up orhe will be looking for work agin too.
  8. LOL FQB my ass... he blows and has since PS last year. Time to move the F on
  9. I did too but he deflected the criticism of the players onto himself and by doing so galivanized this team. Think about that... I wanted him and was gald we hired him and then I started to doubt but everyting he has stated (young team will click), Criticizing ZW play in NE game, etc. has come true... He knows what he is doing but he is still learning and yet he has the team believing in the system, themselves and to boot they are winning.
  10. STFU and show us. Otherwsie, sit down and let another more consistent and maybe more comptent QB play,
  11. Couldn't agree more... esp. the highlighted part. If they stick with ZW when he performs like he did Sunday then we have larger issues then ZW, FO/CS problems!
  12. Like his predecessor he is sloooooooooow to recognize things pre-snap and even when snap, still only see 1/2 field. Can't fix mental acuity. Sorry, he doesn;t seem to have it...
  13. AZSOJ

    Convince me

    yea but like SAM, slow to recognize things pre-snap and even when snap, still only see 1/2 field. Can't fix mental acuity.
  14. I disagree. the GPs starting last season have been tailored to mim his mistakes because everytime - except for Pitt 4th Q - he has to throw to win games has been bad. Also, how do you know what the CS has tried, last year they brought in his own coach...
  15. Zach Wilson post game comments 10/30/22 “Every time I get out of the pocket, it just gets frustrating to throw the ball away,” Wilson said, “and that’s what I’ve done the last four weeks to put us in a good position to not turn the ball over and for us to win, and so I need to just be able to keep doing that when something’s not there. It gets old getting out and not seeing anything there.” This was posted on another site and I think is spot on.... His issues with interceptions don’t have to do with him being the hero. It’s not an ego driven thing. His problem, as I’ve been saying all along and called every name in the book for, is he has no idea how to read the defense. None. He doesn’t understand what the defense is doing, and he doesn’t understand how to exploit it because frankly I don’t think he really understands what our own offensive plays are designed to do in the first place. He doesn’t see the matchup advantages pre-snap, and he sure as sh*t doesn’t see them once the ball is snapped. He has limited football intelligence so he runs around like a chicken with his head cut off praying he finds someone open on a broken play. Catching up to the speed of the game means you have a good understanding of the game and strategies, but just have a hard time at real speed. I don’t think Zach has an understanding at all. You know what, this makes perfect sense to me. As for his comment, that is an indicment of his imaturity and ego saying I am better then they think I am and do not need to conform to their scheme. Sad, because unless he has an epiphany about his himself, his role, his limitations, he will NOT get better and the team will suffer.
  16. the team is 4-1 in spite of his play...
  17. Agree 100%... he is the problem not the solution.
  18. at this point in time, I think Sam would be better...
  19. Sorry, but just not true. As others stated, he doesn't process fast enough to make the correct reads so he holds the ball and bails.... Right now, he is the problem and IMHO not the solution.
  20. Well, I am with Joe... I think they knew that ZW has or is fact becoming the weak link on O. Irrespective of the PR statements, they can not be happy with someone who constantly runs backwards, chucks inadvised balls in the field of play without concern for situational awareness, is STill inaccurate on short throws throwing behind the WR or in the dirt, etc. W/O any running game he is at best a GM, otherwise he is not very good.
  21. as others stated...JUST WIN but put a hurting on BB team
  22. No excuses, we have the better team. Beat this arrogant prick and make alot of us very very happy. BTW - I want a close up of him when he loses...
  23. maybe you missed his usual 20 yard back peddling on a number of plays... He is not very good and the team at this point is wining inspit of him... if that is enough he still throws off his back foot, is in accurate which was not a problem in college but is now and he still doesn;t read Ds well... just saying.
  24. AZSOJ

    Mims poll

    he is a good blocker and probably will be used that way. I expect a few passes his way and hope like hell he does well.
  25. U is doing well at blocking and that is what he os being asked to do. Cok, had a few drops early but hasbeen solid since and can block also... we will need to to establish the run sunday
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