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  1. Think about that... the most talented...
  2. I was on board with his hiring... having said that, as others have pointed out the talent-less team of last year coupled with everything being new contributed to a terrible year. However, what troubles me is the team came out flat to often which tells me his message is resonating until it seems after half-time. It seems to have carried over into the preseason too...so that is troubling. My guage will be predicated on how this team performs in September which has been the deathtoll for many seasons. If they play uninspired undisciplined and lack competitive fire...that is coaching. I realize that the schedule is tough but so what! No execuses, this team is way more talented than last years and they should be competitive and WIN more... we'll see.
  3. National TV and right on Q, these guys are an embarassment. Even if they are bac-ups they should be better than this, The D looks as bad as last year... the O looks as bad.... UT oh yea, they had a great week of interscrimage practice .... LOL, SOSO/
  4. With all due respect to your opinion, he shouldn't start unless he is clearly outperforming Joe.
  5. Wh does that sound like... another young QB who got his ass kicked week in and week out..although his mechanics were sh*tty too.
  6. I disagree, interscrimage play was good until he faced other teams in scrimages and he was bad... and it carried over into the season.
  7. I would add the CS is also unproven...esp the HC and DC.
  8. The SACK Exchange... whomever saw it will never forget the ferocity and strength of Joe, Marks uncanny speed, Salam and Lyons clogging the middle... it was a work of ART! Joe should have been in years ago...
  9. As Parcells said, "you play like you pratice." I have had enough of this cheer;eading chump... I admit i wanted him but for crap sake, we rosted Rex and AG for teams that seem unprepared... If this CS doesn't get their sh*t together< i'll be the 1st to invest in billboards and flybys.
  10. No offense but confident? Confidence in playing each other? As usual at this time of year the hype machine is in full bore... Lets see how they do when they scrimage next week. I not interested in the love fest that the media and some posters are egaged in. I want to see a physical, competitive team that can win more then lose and maybe just maybe make the PO before i die.
  11. A, my moniker AZ-SOJ says it all. Been watching these guys longer then some of the younger guys been alive... hoping for the best but expect....
  12. Shocked, RIP bro, condolences to his family.
  13. Agree... with your question. What I am interested in is seeing how the CS and players are in year 2 of the program. Lets hope there is improvement across the board...
  14. Lets see if he can maintain his accuracy when the "real" bullets fly...
  15. Anything is possible, he showed progress last year towards the end. he needs to build upon that and be a leader that his teammates not only look up too but would be willing to fight for is he gets pancaked by a dirty play. We shall see...
  16. Somone on another site observed that he was favoring his knee when getting to podium ... actually the comment was that his knee buckled. I am not interested in his T-shirt, comments, etc. STFU and get on the field and proove that the "B" word is not appropriate.
  17. I don't GARA about his T-sh*t, his comments - STFU and get on the field an show me. Otherwise - the "B" maybe appropriate.
  18. I from No NJ but now reside in Scottsdale... when we cam we traveled all over the valley in search of Pizza... finally found one about 10 miles south of me and the guy makes it like NY style...
  19. Coach is right. It's a process and the fruit is/are how well the coaches coach and players not only pick up the schemes but are able to execute it... its call consistency. When these players are able to just ball and not worry about assignments - this also requires trust in your teammates that they will execute their responsibilities - IMHO then and only then will this team start to win game consistently.
  20. Consistency week in and week out. Process faster so he doesn't hold the ball long... and be able to throw the short passes where people do not have to be contortionist to catch them.
  21. He is excellent but he will need to be coached about his use of hands... otherwise solid
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