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  1. It was a good listen. King is an NFL insider and mentioned the league is alarmed at the way Saleh has this team playing the last few weeks.
  2. Peter King didn’t think so. I tend to agree. Don’t see All Pro upside with any of them.
  3. Peter King made this point on Costello’s podcast yesterday. JD is yet to land a foundational piece in the draft (aside from Wilson who is a complete unknown). Becton, Moore, MC/2, Hall, AVT may be good players one day, but are any of them a JamALL Pro? Someone you can flip for multiple first rounders.
  4. Mac Jones reminds me of Baker Mayfield. He was a very safe option at QB and could step right in and be a quality starter. Unfortunately Mayfield never really got much better even regressed as the league caught up with him. As a result he’s probably not getting a big second contract. Wilson, Lance, and Fields were total swing for the fences types. One of them will likely hit and be the best of the bunch while the others bust.
  5. Six years now. The last competitive team was 2015. 1 failed season with vets, 3 year of McCagnan failed rebuild, and 2 years into a Douglas rebuild.
  6. The answer to this is that the Jets finally need to hit an off-season out of the park. With this much cap space and draft picks they can improve pretty quickly. I know everyone is rolling their eyes reading this, but maybe one off-season the Jets will get it right.
  7. Why are you so down on Zach? The kid is five games into his rookie season. Darnold not working out has nothing to do with Zach.
  8. It makes perfect sense to bench Wilson for this game and give him the full 4 weeks to heal from the knee injury. However, part of me thinks they are afraid that MW will play well again. I think they were taken back by how much attention he received and didn’t want to give him another opportunity to supersede Wilson. With Flacco the Jets are covered. He’s not part of the future, and his career achievements allow them to sell the “gives us the best chance to win” mantra to the fan base. All that said it’s a really unfortunate decision by the organization. Mike White is loved by the fan base and the Jets locker room. He deserved another shot. Saleh said on Monday “he had one bad game and now everyone is going to toss him aside?” That’s exactly what the Jets did here. I think Douglas and Saleh are going to take a ton of heat for this and rightfully so. Also feel bad for Joe Flacco who is collateral damage in this disaster.
  9. Imagine if Gase came out of the woodwork and started ripping Saleh? “At least I didn’t get blown out every week and won 7 games my first year”
  10. He’s very athletic and can make plays and throws that only a couple other humans and the world can. Im not saying he’s ever going get to there. All I am saying is that he’s going to get every chance in the world to put it together. My guess is he’s the QB here three years minimum just like Darnold.
  11. I think you are going to see an incredibly aggressive approach from Douglas in the off-season. He knows he can’t survive another season like this.
  12. The Jets aren’t giving up on Zach Wilson after 1 year. Like him or not everyone can agree that the kid has a ton of raw tools to work with. Guys like him tend to get more chances than they deserve. Zach is a lot like Josh Allen as a rookie in that he has no idea how to play the position at this level. Fortunately for Josh he had terrific running ability which got him by until his arm caught up. Zach does not have that same ability and is on a worse team so the results are going to be that much worse.
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