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  1. Was it Dave Kraig who was a journeyman who always fumbled and the announcers would sound sad for him and say he had such small hands? lol. Always made me laugh.
  2. PM your draft takes and I’ll make a thread announcing it. That’s what it takes - teamwork makes the dream work.
  3. You made up your mind way too early. It’s silly you can’t acknowledge his potential, even if you don’t think he’ll get there. The kid has proven he has elite tools and it’s all on learning to process the game. He’s improved so much, it’s crazy to give up like you have.
  4. I’ve warmed up only because I’m not sure of anyone else early. I can see him playing LB and being the eventual replacement of CJ. In this defense that is a PREMIUM position and makes the 4th pick not crazy. It doesn’t sound like teams are interested in moving up, so I agree they need to take a player who will be a long time starter.
  5. That movie did not earn the “no animals were harmed in the filming of this movie” at the end lol. Someone messed that chicken up lol.
  6. “He got a cut of that for vitamin sales.” -AB probably
  7. Not encouraging news about the market to trade back picks.
  8. So in summary: Cons -Struggles to control his weight -Sat out an entire season with an injury I’ve watched overweight girls play through in basketball without missing a game because they love to play -Failed a drug test he knew about a year in advance -Questioned if he loves to play football -Horrible all through camp against speed rushers Pros -Very large human -Big run blocker -Played well as a rookie -Graded as a top young prospect by many in pro football -Looked cool walking into joint practice at Green Bay
  9. Wilson is elusive, with a quick release and a strong arm. He’s smart, spends time at his craft, and is getting better at reading defenses by the week. He will be the FQB and some fans will always be haters lol
  10. Someone on Twitter had 12% from Zach and 9% for number 2. I’m learning how to do statz on JN.
  11. New OC with an OLine messing up a new scheme for the first games is a huge part of it too
  12. Seems too rich. Ridley thing is a bigger risk than Diggs was. Hard pass unless the price is significantly lower.
  13. Zach led the NFL in dropped passes with 25% higher percent dropped than the #2 QB. Lots of those were drive killers. They matter and it’s not just the stats on the drops, but the team missed out on lots of points from those drops.
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