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  1. Potential issue: Will this group be able to get together enough to vote the next rounds, or is it going to be all random lynchings the rest of the way? Well random is fun.
  2. Half my posts on JN are arguments with KGB. I’ll throw another 25 on my open bet with him (if I lose that bet which I won’t) and he’s scum. I just can’t see it. To the newb, KGB’s logic on Crush seems perfect, but the only problem with that is I could also see him being someone Town would never want to lynch day 1. Also of note my phone won’t give up and stop autocorrecting away from lynching. It’s like Apple doesn’t understand and is trying to make me choose love. NOPE! Lynch Lynch Lynch Lynch. Suck it Apple. Also, another probably shouldn’t be said aloud thing (I’ll stop saying these things now) but Lurker really does seem to want to be killed. Is the alignment of the players who kill the last to vote for them known? Unvote Lurker
  3. Makes sense. I don’t want to lynch because I don’t think he’s scum. I don’t have a great feel for the other roles and their tells though if that’s what people are going for. But I get that’s how D1 is. We will finally learn something lol.
  4. Is it that obvious? So if KGB is VT, it tells us something useful about everyone else who voted for him, but not you because your intentions are pure? Ok. I’m new. I’ll accept that at face value.
  5. If they don’t cut Carr and he plays hardball nobody should take the team’s side. This is the situation that lead to his contract being the way it is. They should cut him. McDaniels going to McDaniels.
  6. Speed guy with a nose for the ball? How is he in coverage? Sounds like a great find.
  7. Business trip tomorrow and Friday. No idea if I’ll be busy or playing Mafia 24/7 lol. Unvote vote Lurker
  8. I’m old enough to remember last time Mike White was available and JN was crying about losing him. And every team in the NFL passed on tendering him. I’ll believe he gets paid like a starter when I see it. You can’t pay 3 QBs real money. Zach is getting paid one way or another and they are trying to bring a vet in. I think he’s gone and he’s not gonna get paid 20th highest for a QB.
  9. Ok. I need to vote someone then. Who? How about YOU emo Vote Stark I don’t think JiF is Mafia now FWIW
  10. Yeah. No clue. But what am I supposed to do? Read a Wiki? psssssh. I do notice you are playing WAYYYyy different. Your not town this time.
  11. For about as much as an imitation jersey game day clothing:
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