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  1. The Jags game with 3 long runs that made Tampa decide to go zone? Multiple runs to avoid the rush against Miami? (Ridiculous 1st down rush and to avoid a sack on the trick play toss back) Stepping up into the pocket to get crushed and hit Mims week 1. There was plenty of @The Crusher‘s Street ball magic. If you watch the every pass play videos it’s sick how many time a play starts with Olé as someone comes untouched up the middle. Also @T0mShane didn’t the podcast talk about Zach’s torque throw allowing him to work from a small phone booth?
  2. They were obviously talking a little more as fans, but the overall review of Fields seems the same to me, but I’ve gotta go and I’m not sure I’ll come back to it later. Fields showed flashes and concerns too. Enough that I bet most people still prefer the QB they started with if they watched enough of both. And that’s fair.
  3. We listened to this through two different lenses lol. I don’t think we disagree about Zach, until you get into the interpretation of what it means going forward lol. At the same time we both say the same thing “A+B+C+D which means” and then I finish with “Zach could be amazing” and you finish with “see, it’s like I said, he’s probably a huge bust.” Lol. But I thought they were talking about Zach’s high end potential. For real it seemed to acknowledge last year was was rough, but things can go lots better because he’s got an arm cannon, he’s mobile, and when he knows what he’s looking at he does good things. I’m glad with all the off-season moves we will get a fair look at him this year.
  4. I’m half way through and loving it. Very fair and it’s kind of summing up the argument from last season - but they have the stats to sharpen the argument for us. I didn’t know the stats but I’d scream “He looks so good against the zone, that’s who he is and will be as he grows!!! He is adding parts to that better game! And then how bad he is against man to man and to other stuff and that’s what he is to others. I’m more glad then ever he ran the Bucs into the defense he did when they played the Jags. I was trying to make that argument before the Bucs game and it was a tougher sell when it wasn’t all strung together in one game lol. They pointed out what we all knew as well, the receivers to end the season were terrible and this should be better. I’m glad the off-season moves show a potential path to a good team now. Should be fun!
  5. He seemed either hurt or not happy last season. He looks fully engaged. I’m excited to see if he can take a step forward. We might add the big Drake London type and Garret Wilson this season.
  6. It says “and we won’t be waiting the full 6 weeks after… oh wait look at the size of the man who made 1/2 this, yeah I’ll need the full six weeks, but I’ll be thinking sexy thoughts and counting the days while I do. Now let’s try to induce this thing” or something like that. That was weird. @JiFapono or @Jetsfan80 say something more weird and distract the attention off me quick!!!! this will help:
  7. What? I want Miami and NE swept so bad. Jets Twitter would be insufferable ruining everything and it would be glorious.
  8. A 2 billion dollar investment is ridiculously huge. The Jets and Giants aren’t leaving any time soon.
  9. During camp you never know if the offense, defense, or both suck. The joint practices offer a nice hint.
  10. Good luck!!!! Weird feeling when you get the first symptoms of the ‘Rona.
  11. You guys are worried about the wrong thing. Zach is going be better this season and awesome by year 3. BUT WHAT ABOUT OFFSETS!!!! I couldn’t sleep last night worrying about the offsets.
  12. This rumor comes from fake Twitter “insider”? i heard speculation the NFL might drag it out a year to punish Watson for his contract that assumed a suspension this season, but that would be a bold move and drag it out. The shield protects the shield first, so I bet they get it over with. Has to be 1/2 a season at least.
  13. I get what you are saying and it makes sense… But the eye test baby!!! Zach crushed it in the eye test for me because some plays he knew what was happening and played instinctively. That’s who I think he’ll be. There seemed to be a higher proportion of those to end the season. This is what i saw in college for him too. Zach’s not Brett Farve, he needs to understand what’s going on at a deep level to do his thing.
  14. That was the first draft I watched. It was so funny how they kept the camera on him until he left the room lol
  15. Which tells me he’s working on catching in traffic. That would make him elite with everything else he has going for him. Love it!!!
  16. That’s what I noticed- he’s engaged in the drill. If he can do that for drills I’m sure he’s running routes hard too.
  17. Former McDonalds fry cook doesn’t like McDonalds. More news at 11.
  18. some don’t like to get railed on and some enjoy it light a cig if you want - it’s cool
  19. True. But if half the rookies hit, this team will be much improved and I think this will be another very good class.
  20. Fun fact: Zach will surpass Brady Quinn’s 4 year career stats soon.
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