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  1. Motivate the team to play better, and have a actual game plan? Maybe call a timeout when the play clock is at 1? Not be a statue on the sideline? Hmmm so many ideas.
  2. I rather take my chances overpaying someone proven than keep throwing 5 year deals at no names wouldn't you? Because obviously giving no names job security long term did not work out the last 2 times, so why keep trying the same thing? That's just wishing and praying the guy you hire who has no Nfl credentials and never coached in the Nfl is our saviour. The jets haven't been competitive in 12 freakin years, time for experiments is over. Get the organization a proven winner even if you have to wine and dine him and buy him a island.
  3. If Robert Saleh lets bumass Tyrod Taylor put up 30+ points on his team, he should immediately be fired after the game.
  4. Yeah its mind boggling how this kid is more accurate on a 50 yard pass than a 5 yard pass.
  5. Jason Garrett will be a coaching candidate in a couple years when Saleh gets fired and no one else wants the job, mark my words!
  6. I said Gruden or someone with a winning reputation, I didn't just single out Gruden. I want to see the Jets throw 10 years 100 mil at Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy or Harbaugh to come turn thhis franchise around and them reject it, than I will eat my words. Money talks very few people will say no to a 100 million dollars.
  7. In Saleh I trust! After all alot of hall of fame coaches started their 1st season being mediocre so he for sure is going to be a hall of fame coach and don't forget he is such a nice guy and nice guys finish 1st!
  8. So Asian people are not people to and that doesn't make it racist? Blaming the Virus on Chinese people? You know how many Nfl fans are asian? How about when he said "We can't have the inmates running the prison.” I am sure that was really directed towards the Nfl. Alot of owners/coaches in the Nfl have racist beliefs they just don't slip up like Gruden/mcnair.
  9. There is people who have done way worse like a actual owner being a racist, and yet black players still play for that turd. The Nfl is all about money and winning, if a coach or player with a checkered past comes and wins for a franchise people quickly forget about how big of a douchebag he really is. If John Gruden or Watson came here and won a superbowl how many Jets fans will be praising them right now common dude. This organization is desperate for a good coach. Case in point: Arod Rob Gronkowski. Ben Roethlisberger Kobe Bryant Antonio Brown
  10. We are technically in year 12. I have no problem in what Jd is doing I have a problem in the other hires the Woodys have made, Jd so far had a good draft besides maybe Wilson who has potential, and has fleeced every team in trades and stockpiled picks. Another good draft and a competent experienced coach and the Jets may be relevant soon.
  11. I got flamed for starting a thread on how to turn this franchise around. Everyone in that thread flamed me and called me a racist because I said Bowles and Saleh are incompetent coaches and asked to hire Gruden or some other experienced coach. That is my shear opinion.
  12. Josh Mccown would be perfect they can go on the bachelor together. Look at his smile he will probally win!
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