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  1. Honestly both NY teams should have drafted Quinton Nelson. I have my doubts that Allen and Jackson would have been developed right by the Jets and Giants.
  2. I think Saleh is a square peg in a round hole. Just doesn’t seem like a good fit here. I really thought McCarthy was the right guy a few years ago. Someone who has had success elsewhere. This is a tough job for a first time coach.
  3. I think he makes valid points and he didn’t even bring up Beck.
  4. Gettleman got that one right. I give him credit there as a lot of pressure was on the Giants to take Darnold. Barkley hasn’t really worked out, but it’s hard to predict injuries.
  5. I met Nick Wright in an airport once. Great dude-I like his stuff.
  6. nothing worse than being embarrassed on national TV. So glad the Jets aren’t on MNF this season.
  7. I’ll wait to see how the season plays out. Not sure how anyone can spin a 2 to 3 win year as successful
  8. Garrett is a good coach who has had a lot of success in the biggest pressure cooker of them all. Him going to to the Giants Was akin to Gase coming here. It was destined to fail.
  9. Or it could have went like this Saleh: Hey John, Rob Saleh here from the Jets. We drafted one of your QBs Beck: Zach Wilson? Saleh: Yea Zach. Well he’s sputtering right now. We would like you to come in and take a look at him. Beck: Um sure, but will you pay me for my time? Saleh: It’s only been five games. Doesn’t Zach come with free first time service? I worked something like that out with the contractors of my new home.
  10. Imagine if Gase said “I can’t get through to Sam, let’s call Jesse Palmer”. He would be eviscerated.
  11. The Jets beat has yet again done the fans a disservice by not investigating this story further. I for one find it incredibly odd that the organization hired Wilson’s personal QB as a full time member of the coaching staff. What is Beck’s role here? How did this materialize? Did Wilson initiate this or did the Jets? The optics of this could be really bad for Saleh if the cameras constantly see Beck as the person in the ear of Zach on the sideline.
  12. I’d go with Bilal Powell. Terrific role player that unfortunately spent his career on bad Jets teams. Could you imagine how good he would have been with the Pats?
  13. You got to give Joe Judge credit. He’s a true leader of men.
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