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  1. Still think Trevor is better. I want to see him with a real coach and OC. But yeah, how Mac Jones was not rated ahead of Geno Fields and Suckopono is pretty mind boggling.
  2. CEO of Jetblue Pays better than what he'll be making in 4 years which is the league minimum.
  3. So hypertalented. Did you see those throws facing a Texans team trying to lose on purpose?
  4. Becton doesn't want to waste his career here. Nobody with talent does.
  5. Well so much for that. We had to win that meaningless game against the Texans
  6. The Jets won a meaningless game and cost themselves Kayvon Thibodeaux while simultaneously allowing the idiot owner to think Wilson possibly has potential
  7. Wilson does really well against the Boise Community Colleges and Houston Texans when they try to lose on purpose
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