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  1. Zach Wilson is better than Mike Glennon and Cam Newton.
  2. I played football in college and a lot of the comments here are way off base. You ask any QB and they will all prefer man coverage to zone. It’s far easier to read. The biggest adjustment from CFB to the NFL are the smaller throwing windows. Most young QBs end up holding the ball because They can’t anticipate. The great ones can throw receivers open.
  3. Kind of ridiculous to say this. Becton played well his rookie year. Year #2 ended up being a throwaway. Marcus Maye had the exact same career trajectory as Becton and ended up having a good career
  4. I don’t think it’s much of a story. When that injury happened I think most people thought he was done. Look at CJ Mosley a few years back. Sometimes injuries are Worse than initially reported.
  5. Probably, but I think JD will hedge his bet by signing a high floor veteran. JD and Saleh know their careers are on the line next year. I think the Jets will have a quick hook.
  6. I would go after Garrappolo. Seems like the logical choice. Knows the system and can be here for the next 4-5 years. Trading ZW won’t happen next year-too big of a cap hit. I think Wilson can be the backup (Jimmy G is injury prone).
  7. Young QBs are polarizing. Talking about them generates the most clicks.
  8. I agree with Colon here. He’s a young man who is clearly frustrated. Not going to make a big deal about a misstep in the PC.
  9. Is it just me or does the ball just not coming off his hand well?
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