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  1. Wilson is going to be the best QB this organization has ever had. I believe in him
  2. If Zach Wilson wins he will become a legend
  3. Hamilton is probably the best athlete in this draft. He’s like a 6’4 220lb Ed Reed-kid could seriously be a HOF type talent.
  4. I’d be ecstatic with Hamilton and Hutchinson. You can’t tell me this defense couldn’t use two blue chip players. Keep in mind 49ers went to Super Bowl largely based on a dominant D.
  5. I prefer Jimmy Buffets film breakdown of Zach Wilson above all else.
  6. I think Amendola gets a couple more games. The kid has a big leg, and can be weapon if he puts it together.
  7. Not to be a creep, but ZWs girlfriend is unbelievable
  8. It’s 3rd and 12. Even if he completes it they are still punting.
  9. Riley has put 3 QBs in the NFL and 2 #1 overall picks. He’s in demand because every recruit in the country wants to play for him. Perfect fit for SC.
  10. It depends on your definition. I think it’s a very difficult job having to deal with Bama every year. The path to the CFB playoff is far more direct in South Bend than in Baton Rouge.
  11. Linderbaum isn’t an elite OL talent. Nice player, but a bit undersized. If the Jets somehow end up with two top 5 picks I think they double up on defense. There are 6-7 blue chip guys on that side of the ball coming out.
  12. I’ll go with Jacksonville and New Orleans as wins 5-12.
  13. It’s not impossible to win, but keeping that job for ten years will require a Saban, Smart, Urban, Carroll level consistency.
  14. Orgeron won a natty and two years later is shown the door. That’s why it’s an impossible job. Malzahn had a great run on the plains, but was nearly fired half a dozen times. Those two schools (along with UF) want to compete for the playoff every year. It’s tough to do when Bama and now UGA are in your conference.
  15. LSU and Auburn are impossible jobs while Saban is in Tuscaloosa.
  16. Well next year was going to be his most talented team. Surprised he’s leaving, but ND needs to hire someone quickly before guys transfer.
  17. Kelly got the Irish to the national championship and CFB playoff multiple times. He did a great job at ND. Keep in mind what he inherited as ND was a disaster between Holtz and Kelly. Also Ian Book was a great college QB.
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