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  1. He’s an even better Jimmy Leonhard
  2. So he’s like Freddy Krueger to opposing defenses?
  3. We have a future top 3 quarterback and a defense that is developing into dominant
  4. JD has done an amazing job with the OL
  5. Brady nothing without Belichick and McDaniels
  6. Brady is nothing without Belichick’s system
  7. I do some similarities with Russell Wilson
  8. I bet you think Rex was a good coach too
  9. Zach again showed yesterday why he’s the future face of the nfl and Saleh getting this team to play competitive football with all these injuries deserves coach of the year
  10. Ban i guess the cowboys should have gotten rid of Jimmy Johnson and Troy Aikman their first year when they went 1-15?
  11. The jets are a really well managed organization. Like a well oiled machine. I’m so thrilled with all these exciting Decembers we keep getting as a result of the acumen of Woody Johnson
  12. This. can’t evaluate Wilson without a top 3 OL
  13. Is Zach Wilson more Mahomes or Rodgers?
  14. Look at all the injuries Saleh has had to deal with: Carl Lawson Marcus Maye Elijah Riley Quinnen Williams Saleh is a coach of the year candidate. Third excellent hire in a row by Woody Johnson since dumping that buffoon Rex.
  15. Ramsey would throw for 75tds a season in todays NFL
  16. And that’s why Zach Wilson was drafted second overall by one of the NFL marquee franchises
  17. Sam was bad because he was bad. He had an excellent supporting cast and cutting edge coaching here. Adam Gase has made all of his quarterbacks better just ask Ryan Tannehill
  18. You have to give the dolphins some credit. They had a good game plan and Tua statistically has been phenomenal since coming back from injury so we couldn’t go 8 in the box
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