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  1. If Woody wants to win over Jets fans he gets it done. I’m assuming Payton is going to sit out this season. At that point the Jets can have both the GM and HC position available and give Sean full control. Get ready for a lot of Sean Payton speculation over the next 12 months.
  2. Whatever happened to Dustin Keller?
  3. A good offense helps a defense. A good defense helps an offense. It’s about being balanced.
  4. I get the sense Brady is likely gone. I think Gisele has had enough. As for Rodgers I don’t see where he can go that would give him a better chance to win a super bowl than GB. Got to stay in the NFC.
  5. 2nd team all rookie according PFWA
  6. I knew a guy who moved down there from Connecticut and loves it. Seems like a lot of northeast folks are finding peace in the Bible Belt.
  7. Try watching it live. It was awful-the only time the Jets forced a punt was late in the 4th quarter where Phillys backup center snapped the ball over Minshews head. It was death by a thousand paper cuts on defense. The Jets defense just could not get off the field.
  8. Keep in mind a defense that gets off the field helps the offense. Look at the Eagles game where the Jets scored TDs on their first three possessions and still found themselves down 24-18 at halftime. Had the Jets been able to make a stop the Jets could have taken control of that game. Instead the Eagles offense held the ball forever and the offense completely lost its rhythm as a result.
  9. You can’t approach the draft that way Warfish. The Jets don’t need offensive players, they need GOOD offensive players. You can’t force a pick based on position.
  10. Nope it’s just bad strategy. Your strategy is a bad one. It’s not just Jets GMs. It’s the fact that the NFL in general sucks at picking QBs. Stop doing it! The organization continues to set itself back because they want to fulfill your vision of having this stud QB lead a wildly explosive offense. Just find good players and win games! I don’t need the product to look like the Chiefs. It can look like the 49ers too. If the Jets had used those resources to draft good players (offense and defense) instead of College QBs and instead found a viable veteran stopgap at QB, they would be much better off.
  11. What have they been doing Warfish? They bring in a new QB every few years. It’s not working.
  12. In order to execute your plan the Jets need to find a hall of fame QB. They are incredibly difficult to find.
  13. I disagree. According to Michael Porter the best strategies are ones that involve doing something unique that your competition can’t replicate. The Jets will never beat teams like the Chiefs and Bills by trying to match them on offense. Wilson is not going be Allen and Mahomes-those guys are a different breed. I personally think the Jets best chance to contend is to build a nasty defense that will gives these guys problems and compliment that with an Efficient offense that consistently moves the chains. The Bills have a good defense, but they don’t really have game wreckers. Mahomes struggled against them early in the year and made adjustments this round.
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