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  1. Went to prison 6 years went by Left Prison
  2. I like the 49ers today. Probably will be wrong.
  3. If they want a guy who can go toe to toe with Joe Burrow they should make the call. I’d be interested for their first round pick.
  4. It’s the chicken and the egg. He wouldn’t cost anything in terms of draft compensation, but his contract is an albatross if he doesn’t return to form. I can’t see any team trading for him (unless he agrees to a restructure), but the Saints cut him he’d be a good option on a one year deal.
  5. I thought this was going to be about his comments last week where he liberated Todd Bowles for his entire Jets tenure for the sole reason that it was the Jets he coached.
  6. I think this is a defense heavy draft for the Jets at the top. Remember that they are modeling this thing off of the 49ers. I think they try to improve the offense in free agency.
  7. QB is a very difficult position to scout in general. There are just so many variables to look that you aren’t comparing apples to apples. 1) Level of competition (Lance and Wilson) 2) Surrounding talent (Jones, Fields, and Lawrence playing with semi-pro teams their entire career) 3) College offenses making reading defenses easy 4) Mental makeup (how they handle adversity) It makes sense why the bust rate is so high on these guys. In college the best QBs can run around and hold the ball forever until someone gets open. That stuff rarely works in the NFL. Those crazy throws from broken plays that Darnold and Wilson used to make every game in college happen a lot less frequently in the NFL. Even if you look at high school recruiting the bust rate is pretty high at QB. Most of the 5 star guys don’t turn into Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence, and Bryce Young.
  8. Do they make gold jackets big enough to fit Becton?
  9. Sadly, Mangini probably won the trade. He drafted Alex Mack with one of those picks.
  10. I get Dallas. Jones is probably thinking that there really isn’t much else I can do from a personnel standpoint to improve the team.
  11. It was Ratliff, Abram Elam, and a DL (Kenyon Coleman?)
  12. The Jets traded up for Mark Sanchez. Actually moved up from 17 to 5 and gave up very little to Do so.
  13. It’s hard to say. USC entered some dark times after that Rose Bowl year. He certainly had the best supporting cast he’s work with as a freshman in college with JSS.
  14. In fact since 2004 the Jets have only drafted four WRs who have gone over 500 yds in a season Cotchery-Bradway Kerley-Tannenbaum Enunwa-Idzik Moore-Douglas
  15. The Jets haven’t drafted a WR who went over 1000 yds in a season since 2004 (Cotchery).
  16. He was 19 years old. Of course he was raw. Sam was never supposed to play that season. Max Browne was the 5 star guy who was supposed to take over. He just ended up being a huge bust. It would have been interesting to see how Darnolds career would have panned out had he sat a year or two in college to refine his mechanics.
  17. This is a terrific write up. Darnold is just a fascinating case study, because you see games in which he looks really good in. In 2019 he played one of his best games against the Cowboys and then the next week looked like the worst QB I have ever seen vs the Pats.
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