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  1. That’s not true. He put together a historically good season as a freshman. He took a struggling team and got them into contention (ultimately winning the Rose Bowl). He was also very young when he entered the draft (year and a half younger than Wilson)
  2. Look at this game he played against Houston this year and tell me he doesn’t have it. I really think he will put it together one day. Don’t get it.
  3. The Panthers are now looking to bring in Ben McAdoo to see if he can fix Sam Darnold. A lot of people (myself included) really thought Darnold would be good. Why do you think he ultimately hasn’t? What qualities does he lack?
  4. Mel Kiper is my favorite NFL draft guru. He’s pretty smart.
  5. This is largely agent driven. The top of the draft is wide open and it’s worth it for these guys to compete in the senior bowl to try to improve their stock.
  6. To be fair I don’t understand how anyone can say Jamal Adams was a bad pick. The Jets got two pro bowl and one All Pro year out of him and then traded him for two more firsts and a third. Should they have drafted Mahomes and Watson? Sure, but a lot of teams missed on those guys. Adams was actually one of the best Jet draft picks I can recall. Would you rather draft Jamal or a slug like Becton who plays a premium position?
  7. The risk you take when you draft these type of guys is that they really need to be elite at their position for the pick to workout. Isaiah Simmons who I think is a decent comp to Hamilton is a good player, but isn’t a top 5 LB in the NFL. That’s what you are looking for when you draft that position in the top 10.
  8. Yea because the last 220 pound LB we drafted in the first round was great
  9. I’d actually think the Jets try to use free agency to improve the offense and the draft to improve defense. Rookies tend to need time to get acclimated. I think they’d want to find players who are ready to hit the ground running.
  10. Best case: Find two guys who can be impact players right away and help the team (don’t care what position) Worst case: Draft two worthless slugs (Vernon Gholston, Kyle Wilson, Quinton Coples, Calvin Pryor, Darron Lee, Mehki Becton, Stephen Hill, Devin Smith, Denzel Mims)
  11. I see Denver as the most appealing spot for Russell Wilson. They have cap space, draft capital, and a talented roster. Only downfall is their division is loaded, but Wilson is used to that. Watson: Philadelphia-they have the draft picks and aren’t afraid of the public outcry (see Michael Vick). The Darnold trade kills Carolina here. Rodgers: Stays in GB Cousins: Stays in Minnesota who draft his successor Wilson: I think Denver makes the most sense if he’s willing to go there. Garropolo: Washington Football Team seems like a good fit. Hurts: Traded to Ravens to backup Lamar Huntley: Signed by Panthers to compete with Darnold for starting job Bridgewater: Signed by Seattle to replace Wilson Trubisky: Signed by Giants to backup/push Jones Winston: Re-signed by Saints Lock: Traded to Lions for a late round pick Mariota: Signed by Pittsburgh to be veteran stop gap for rookie Foles: Signed by Jets to backup Wilson Dalton: Signed by 49ers to backup Lance Flacco: Retires Fitzpatrick: Retires
  12. Nothing can be worse than the 2013 draft where Eric Fisher, Luke Joekel, and Dion Jordan went 1,2, and 3.
  13. Also imagine taking the Giants job and having to deal with Maras brother (Co-Owner) and son in law (supposedly will take over for Mara one day) in your scouting department
  14. I see Harbaugh as a guy who would want control of personnel. I don’t see the Giants as a fit accordingly. The Raiders make much more sense as he can simply replace Gruden.
  15. Sperm, Interior OL is a value pick. Did you see what Joe Thuney got paid? You also have to ignore the Becton pick. The Jets can’t count on him so in reality you are looking at one first round pick OL.
  16. OL is never a luxury pick. Good players are very tough to find and outside of Becton and AVT no Jet OL is under contract beyond 2022. The Cowboys invested 3 first round picks in OL and that set them up pretty Well. It may not be the teams biggest need, but that seems to where the strength of this draft it.
  17. Mayocks first round picks were horrible, but his mid/late round picks were great. First round picks Clein Ferrell Jonathan Abrams Josh Jacobs Damon Annette Henry Ruggs Alex Leatherwood Also drafted Maxx Crosby Hunter Renfroe Bryan Edwards Travis Mohring
  18. I’d take the safeties over Mehki Becton and Denzel Mims
  19. From what I heard the Jets had Rosen higher on their board than Allen.
  20. Interesting: First round draft picks McCagnan: Leonard Williams Darron Lee Jamal Adams Sam Darnold Quinnen Williams Gettleman: Saquon Barkley Daniel Jones Dexter Lawrence DeAndre Baker Andrew Thomas Kadrious Toney Big Ticket Free Agents/Extensions McCagnan: Darrelle Revis Muhammad Wilkerson Ryan Fitzpatrick Trumaine Johnson LeVeon Bell CJ Mosley Gettleman Nate Solder James Bradberry Blake Martinez Leonard Williams Adoree Jackson Kenny Golladay Notable Trades McCagnan 2015: Brandon Marshall for 4th round pick 2015: Ryan Fitzpatrick for 7th round pick 2017: Rashard Robinson for 5th round pick 2018: Sam Darnold trade up (#6 and 3 second round picks for #3) Gettleman JPP for 3rd round pick that became BJ Hill OBJ for Jabrill Peppers + picks that became Dexter Lawrence and Oshine Ximenes Olivier Vernon for Kevin Zeitler 2019: DeAndre Baker for #37 and 4th round pick Leonard Williams for 3rd round pick 2021: #11 overall to Bears for #20 (Toney) and 2022 first round pick (#7 overall) QBs drafted McCagnan Petty (4th round) Hackenberg (2nd round) Darnold (#3 overall) Gettleman Lauletta (4th round) Jones (#6 overall)
  21. Agreed should have put this one in the Saturday 4:30 slot and had Raiders/Bengals in this slot.
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