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  1. I actually like San Francisco next week in Green Bay.
  2. McCarthy is getting fired for sure for this.
  3. He’s overly dramatic. He acted like that 3rd down was the game for the 49ers. They are still up by 6.
  4. Do I need to tell you all the studs Joe Douglas passed on when drafting the Big Turd?
  5. Im more impressed that he found the one Alabama WR who can’t play.
  6. I wonder if the Eagles would trade Reagor for Mims?
  7. Jalen Hurts getting some Nice garbage time stats
  8. What does he care? He’s made a sh*t ton of $ and has had a great life. Probably a sign that he’s hanging up the cleats.
  9. Romeo has been around as long as BB. He’s more of a Parcells guy.
  10. Lol they went up against the 86 Bears defense with Tony Eason. It was boys against men.
  11. Why bring Wilson into this? This thread is about Mac Jones and his significant regression in his last five games. Wilson still needs to prove that he can adjust to the NFL. Jones proved he could adjust to the NFL, but now the league is starting to expose his weaknesses and he needs to prove he can counteract that.
  12. Lol-that Gerald Sowell play was awesome. I feel like it worked every time.
  13. This isn’t a Zach Wilson thread. Zach sucking is independent of Mac sucking.
  14. Zach isn’t accurate with his dee ball.
  15. He throws the best deep ball in the class.
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