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  1. And the Pats finish the year 1-4 with only win coming home against the Jaguars. Down the stretch Mac Jones starting playing like his brother Daniel.
  2. Going to be tough as the AFC is pretty loaded. Burrow, Allen, Herbert, and Mahomes are going nowhere. The Ravens will also be in the mix when Lamar Jackson gets healthy. Indy, TN, Vegas, NE, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Miami are all well ahead of the Jets. I’d feel better if the Jets were in the NFC. The big QBs (Rodgers, Wilson, Brady, Stafford) are older. Also there are a few more dog sh*t teams (WFT, Lions, Bears, Giants, Panthers).
  3. I think Lance will end up being the best when it is all said and done. He’s the most talented and is receiving the best coaching.
  4. Wilson got drafted higher than Jones because of his playmaking ability. He can do things that defenses can’t defend. Jones is a much better QB than Zach right now, but he doesn’t have that ability.
  5. Sucks that Moore missed the final 4 games.
  6. Wouldn’t listen to these guys. Same dudes that tried litigating the case for Darnold during his first two seasons.
  7. Flores seems like a difficult guy to work with. Wouldn’t be shocked to see him not get a job this cycle.
  8. Nothing wrong with taking a good unit and making it a strength. They certainly need Ol help. McGovern and Fant are on contract years and Bectons probably a bust.
  9. This is precisely my point. To those in the “keep trying until you find one camp” 1) It’s tough to build the infrastructure when the organization continues to invest their best draft picks on QB. Want to build the infrastructure? Draft Quentin Nelson instead of trading up for Sam Darnold Draft Kyle Pitts or Jamaar Chase instead of drafting Zach Wilson 2) Nobody in the organization has any track record drafting/developing young QBs. The Jets aren’t good at it. Why continue to expose your weakness? Sanchez, Geno, Darnold, and Zach all look like the same player. All thrown into the fire well before they were ready.
  10. I like Zach Wilson and wanted the Jets to draft him, but at this point I have my doubts that he’s going to be good enough to be considered a long-term solution. Since 2009 the Jets have invested more draft capital in the QB position than any other team In the NFL by a wide-margin. A big part of the reason the Jets haven’t made the playoffs going on a dozen years is because of all the time and resources wasted trying to find a star QB in the draft. As an older Jets fan I am really getting sick of it. We’ve had two competent QB seasons since Brett Favre in 2008. 2015: Ryan Fitzpatrick 2017: Josh McCown Outside of those seasons every year we’ve been watching the worst QB in the NFL. Beyond that I’m not buying what anyone is selling anymore. All we are going to hear about this off-season/training camp is that ZW is ready to take a big jump in year 2. Has anyone heard that story before? I’ll believe it when I see it. At this point if Wilson fails I just want the Jets to grab a competent veteran and try to win that way. Organizations need to understand what they don’t do well. The Jets stink at drafting and developing QBs just like the Yankees stink at drafting and developing starting pitching.
  11. This makes zero sense. He’s not even allowed in the building until OTAs.
  12. Be very careful listening to sources like this. Believe me-I’ve been in the penitentiary. I’ve heard some second hand stories lol
  13. Did he buy two seats for Mehki?
  14. It’s called a honeymoon year. All Robert Saleh had to do in year 1 was not be Adam Gase. In year 2 his seat will turn hot if the Jets are out of contention by Halloween (per usual). In order to ensure a year three the Jets will need to avoid a disastrous season. I think Saleh and Douglas realize this.
  15. Agreed, but this is a make or break year for JD. If you were him would you bank on a guy coming off a major injury to stay healthy and produce?
  16. He doesn’t suck, but is he a difference maker at this point in his career? Not a big advocate of giving guys their last big payday.
  17. Godwin, Gallup, and now Jameson Williams.
  18. That’s what makes it so interesting. If he doesn’t have that dumbass press conference and hands it off instead of that absurd B2B QB sneak sequence he is probably back. The guy became a talking point on every local/national show the past two weeks and was a complete laughing stock.
  19. I remember when I was in prison I called my gf at the time and some dude named Bart picked up and told me not to call here no more.
  20. According the Daily News It was Tisch who pushed to have Judge fired. Mara wanted to keep him.
  21. Why not? He’d be the best Jets playmaker since Brandon Marshall.
  22. I really like Zach and was a big fan of him coming out. That said the odds are stacked against him. I’d say I am 75% sure he’s not going to be the guy. He just didn’t show enough this season for me.
  23. It really depends…. If next season is a catastrophe and the Jets are picking in the top 5 Wilson is in BIG trouble (as is Saleh and Douglas). If he’s mediocre and the Jets are respectable he likely gets at least four seasons (until they have to extend him).
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